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Jul 5, 2010 08:21 AM

Solid Metal Knife Rack

I was recently give this knife rack as a gift. I like it because its long unlike most racks, one solid color and can fit my knifes and then things like a grater etc.

Is this a safe knife rack? know people debate that it can dull it etc, but if you're careful to not throw the knife on it or rip it right off, is it that bad?

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  1. This is a magnetic knife strip, right? Just like this, no?

    Not sure what you mean by safe. I think sometime people worry that it can be dangerous to little kids if it is placed low, since it is so visible -- it is like taunting little kids to grab the knives.

    I don't think it will dull the knives as long as you don't throw the knives to the magnetic strip. When placing the knives on the strip, try to put them on spine first. Go opposite when removing them. If you do it the other way around, then you will dull the knives in no time. Let's see if I can find a video.

    1. I have mine mounted inside a cupboard. I need to find some that are 10" or less to go on the sides though.

      1. It won't dull the knife if you do as Chemical suggests. If the edge never touches the rack, no problem. Spine is first in, last out :)

        If you have knives with damascus cladding or otherwise, it may get nicked up by the metal though, so be careful.