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Jul 5, 2010 07:58 AM

Bretagne recommendations?

Planning to spend about a week in Bretagne this September and would like to receive recommendations for restaurants and especially for places to buy/consume oysters along the southern coast of Morbihan and Finistère. Several years ago, we ate huîtres de Bélon on the terrace of a grower/cultivator and they were wonderful -- fresh, delicious, and inexpensive. Would like to find similar places along the coast from L'Orient west to Pont-l'Abbé. Suggestions for b&b places in that region would also be welcomed.

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  1. Not a single reply in a week. Anyone have something to offer?

    1. Bit of a drive but Cancale is THE a great place for oysters/ moules etc! Lots of great restaurants- try Le SURCOUF


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        Appreciate your suggestion, but we are planning to stay in the southern part of Brittany and Cancale is too far a drive just for oysters.

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          We spent 2 weeks in Brittany in May, one week in Riec-sur-Belon and one week in Morlaix. There is an oyster cultivator just up the hill from the famous Chez Jacky, with tables overlooking the harbor. You didn't ask about restaurants, but we ate so well at le Bistrot de l'Écailler, in the tiny port of Kerdruc near Névez, that we returned for another feast. Both the seafood platter and the lobster with home-made fries were terrific.

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            You provided just what I am looking for. I've now done some research on Chez Jacky and found Anthony Bourdain's website which gave me locations of Jacky and Bistrot de l'Ecailleur. In one of these places, Bourdain and his companions had a plateau de fruits de mer whch was enormous but there was nothing saying at which of these 2 places they ate it. Did you try the seafood platter at either place? Your note implies you did this at the Bistrot.
            Bourdain's site also references an outdoor fis stand in Doélan where the Japanese owner grills, fires, and smokes local seafood for sale to locals on Friday and Saturday nights.
            Any other recommendations you have for restaurants in that exact area or farther along towards Pont'l'Abbé would also be appreciated: restaurants, small seafood places, bed-and-breakfast places. Thanks for your help

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              You can find a lot of info on Michelin restaurants in the area by using Yes, we had the seafood platter at the Bistrot, and the French friends who were with us rated it as highly as we did. We didn't eat at Chez Jacky this time, primarily because its fame has led to a fairly dramatic increase in prices. I can also recommend Du Port et de l'Aven, 30 rue Aven, a new Bib Gourmand in Port Manech near Névez, and l'Amiral, 1 avenue. P. Guéguin in Concarneau, where we each had a dozen oysters for lunch and enjoyed great service. The owner of the place we rented recommended the oysters at the Bistrot de Rosbras, in Rosbras (where else?), but we didn't make it there. I would check Alastair Sawday's web site for B&Bs, as well as vacation rentals.

        2. Pont-L'Abbe has a wonderful marche with most unusual stuff. Also in town when l was there about 8 years ago was a pizza place about a block off the square that used a lot of creme fraIche on the pizza. It was memorable. Also a little east is Le Cremailliere just west of Pont Aven that is a Michelin * and had great langoustines and the friendliest people running the restaurant ever encountered.

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            Mussels at La Vieille Coque in Le Guilvinec. Creperie Courot in Pont l'Abbé. Menn Lann Du in Plomeur. Buy fish from Scarlet in one of the markets of the Pays Bigouden, eg still moving 4kg seabass. Definitely l'Amphytrion in Lorient. Auberge Pen Ar Vir in Loctudy, land of the langoustines. Escapade in Bénodet. Ty Coz, in Pont l'Abbé.

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              WOW!!!! My cup (or platter) runneth over with all these recommendations. Will search them out and try as many as we can. Thank you all for your input.