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Jul 5, 2010 07:47 AM

Morton's, Cap Grille and Ruth's Chris. How do you rank them?

Having eaten at multiple outlets of each of these in different cities, I would say that on any given night, Morton's and Cap Grille would run neck and neck for first or second place, so I give them a tie. But Ruth's Chris is always a definite third. Took my 18 year old daughter to one this weekend (she has eaten at the others as well) and that was her unsolicited opinion as well. How would you rank them?

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  1. I'd rate them the same as well. The Cajun Ribeye at Morton's is sublime.

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    1. re: aynrandgirl

      I was recently at Morton's and had the regular ribeye was in heaven, until I tried a friend's cajun ribeye. Tears came to my eye, haha!

      I haven't been to Ruth Chris or Cap Grille, but I'm very picky about steakhouses and two people have told me not to bother with Ruth Chris.

      1. re: jhopp217

        I didn't like Ruth's Chris. At the price they're charging I found their steak to be mediocre. I've had better steaks at good burger joints.

        1. re: aynrandgirl

          "I've had better steaks at good burger joints."

          Really? Really???

          Please, I've been to RC over 100 times and to Morton's, CG, etc. altogether at least as many times and the best average quality steaks are at RC - for one thing, they use carefully selected prime quality beef. I don't know which burger joints you are going to, but I have a funny feeling that they aren't selling prime beef. LOL

          Perhaps you just don't know the difference.

          I would not go there for apps, sides or desserts, but the steak is excellent.

    2. Never been to Capital Grille. My steak experience at Morton's was not that great. Is the Cajun ribeye supposed to taste like burnt spices. If that's the case, then I won't order it again. That was my first and only time at a Morton's. Otherwise, everything else was great including the souffles. Ruth's Chris are inconsistent. I had a lousy ribeye at their West Orlando location on Sand Lake but their Winter Park, FL location had a much better version. Btw, the Morton's location I went to was in Costa Mesa, California.

      What do you all think of Fleming's? which is part of the Outback group. I have actually liked my dining experiences there.
      So, in terms of overall experience I actually liked Fleming's >> Morton's > Ruth's Chris.

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      1. re: ramblinwrek92

        I adore Flemings. We have a great one here in Richmond. I love the steakhouse experience.

        I would rank
        1. Flemings
        2. Ruth's Chris
        3. Cap Grille

        1. re: ramblinwrek92

          One of the worst dining experiences I ever had was at a Fleming's (in Boston).
          I ordered a filet, cut a piece and it was actually cold. When I sent it back I informed the waiter
          very nicely. It was served with absolutely no garnish whatsoever and when it was returned to
          me it was the same steak which by this time was overdone. I did complain to a manager
          since we were celebrating a special occasion but never returned since the manager didn't
          seem interested.

          1. re: rob44

            I'm shocked. I have been there perhaps 6 or 8 times and had nothing but great food and great service. I am aware that some people prefer their steak rare with a cool center, but I am not one of those. The manager should have come over to you when the steak was returned to your table to make sure that it was OK. I believe that one time there was a problem with something we had ordered and not only did the problem get taken care of, but we were given a free dessert. What happened to you is not acceptable. You should talk to the GM there or someone at corporate.

        2. Here's my .02 cents.

          Capital Grille uses USDA Choice, dry aged.
          Ruth's Chris uses USDA Prime but, loads there plate with melted butter.
          Morton's uses USDA Prime but is probably the most $$$ of the 3 mentioned.

          Of the 3, I'd go for CG because of dry aging..

          In Boston, I'd opt for none of the above and go to Abe & Louie's or Oak Room.

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          1. re: treb

            Amen on Abe & Louie's, but this is about chains. Boston's Cap Grille seems a step above most of them. Wish they would use Prime not choice, however. Morton's uses Prime but wet ages. Oh, well.

            1. re: steakman55

              we have Abe and Louis in Boca Raton Fl so maybe they are a chain are there other locations? It's my favourite of the steak houses.

              I like CG also though last week we had dreadful service.

              I like Mortons the least. RC is good in Boca, I guess it depends on the locations.

              Edit - Abe and Louies only has 2 locations so I guess not a chain.

              1. re: smartie

                "Abe and Louies only has 2 locations so I guess not a chain"

                Depends on how you define the term. They're part of the Back Bay Restaurant Group, which includes at least two undeniable chains (Joe's American Grille & Papa Razzi).

            2. re: treb

              If I was in Boston, I'd definitely opt for Grill 23...

            3. I have only been to the Baltimore locations of all three and I think the one that impressed me the most was Capital Grille. I am not a fan of the sizzling butter on the plates at Ruth Chris and I find some of the food in general to be greasy. I still enjoyed my meal but not #1. I think the selection at Capital Grille is better and more interesting. I especially liked the truffle fries even though I don't like FFs. I enjoy Mortons but I dislike the meat and side presentation tablesidel. The menu isn't quite as interesting.
              Final verdict:

              1-Cap Grille
              2 -Mortons
              3- Ruth Chris

              1. I'd probably agree with the OP here with Morton's in front. I also like Fleming's and in the northwest they've got a fairly small chain called El Gaucho that would probably beat everything here (though it is rediculously $$$)

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                1. re: Kazy Ctn

                  Now that someone else has mentioned it, the butter on the plates at Ruth Chris did "grease" me out.

                  I am surprised that Morton's wet ages their steaks. I thought the better steakhouses in America used the dry age method.

                  I am going to have to definitely try Capital Grille. Hmmm, isn't it time for my bonus check at work?