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Jul 5, 2010 05:58 AM

What happened to Saute?

Does anyone know what happened to Saute on Front St. ? I made a "phone reservation" with a machine on Thursday, and when I went on Friday night, the restaurant was gone! I loved that restaurant! Is the chef working somewhere else?

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  1. According to Michael Klein....

    Nikki Kaufman has pulled the plug on Saute, her Queen Village bistro, which opened in spring 2009 at 775 S. Front St. (The restaurant had a shake-up last month when chef Nicholas J. Cassidy left for Barclay Prime.) With new chef Paul Martin, whose resume includes Pod, Buddakan, and a stop in Louisiana, Kaufman is cutting prices and reconceptualizing as a rustic, casual Louisiana themer called Catahoula. She hopes to open in two to three weeks.