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Jul 4, 2010 08:06 PM

Pimentos del Padron

Has anyone seen these for sale here? I know I can order from La Tienda but I was hoping for a local source.

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  1. I just got them in my CSA share from Suzie's Farms. I can't remember if they had them on the table for sale at the market though...

    1. Specialty Produce has them.. they had them for a short period last year so I checked their website and voila...

      Specialty Produce
      1929 Hancock St, San Diego, CA

      1. they had lots of plants at Walter Anderson Nursery in Point Loma. Grow your own!

        1. Great. I am going to check all these options out. thanks guys

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            Any rec's on what to do with them - Wikipedia lists them as a Spanish varietal and shows a simple fried version - got any insider tips to use up the small number we got in a tasty way?

            1. re: CampySD

              It's one of the greatest Spanish tapas - you just blister them in pretty hot olive oil and season with coarse sea salt.

              1. re: kare_raisu

                Exactly! I have seen a couple of recipes around where they are stuffed, but why mess with perfection?

                1. re: Shannon

                  Molly Wizenberg's column in July issue of Bon Appetit has a recipe for fried peppers that is very simple and tasty. I didn't have enough Pimenton on my plant so substitued some shishito, also from the garden. Don't think I'm saving any money as compared to buying them at Mitsuya but oh well. It's convenient.

                  1. re: jweg

                    I did exactly the same thing! Craving them a few months back.

                  2. re: kare_raisu

                    Did this last night and it was great! Very unique flavour for something so similar to other peppers, though so very easy :)
                    I only wish we had more than the scant 1/4lb we got in our CSA share...

              2. KR, these chiles were featured in the Specialty Produce newsletter this week. They have them on hand, here's the link to their informational page on the pepper


                Specialty Produce
                1929 Hancock St, San Diego, CA