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Brasserie T

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Has anyone had a chance to try out Normand Laprise's new casual resto - Brasserie T? Any reviews?

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  1. I've seen small reviews of Brasserie T here, but cannot find it (still haven't get my coffee this morning).

    They seem ok, as far as the steak-frite goes.

    I don't know if they (Brasserie T & the Ferreira café spin-off) have their liquor license yet, they probably rush-opened for the festivals seasons.


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      I believe this is the link you're looking for:


      (I've already had my espresso this morning...)

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        As for the liquor license, they did not have one last week. I heard Brasserie T is scheduled for the 6th, don't know about Cafe F.

    2. My wife and I had dinner there last week, the 2nd night it was open. We had the asparagus side dish as an appetizer, which came with a mayonnaise-y sauce on the side in a little pitcher. Very nice. For my main, I had the steak frites. The steak was good enough for the price ($20), but did not live up to the advance billing I got from our waiter, who said it was the best he'd ever tasted. The frites were similarly good, but nothing out of this world. My wife had the bacon and vegetables, which disappointed her because the "vegetables'' were more asparagus. I know, she should have asked when ordering, but you'd think the otherwise very efficient waiter might have mentioned it. The portion of bacon -- one very thick slice -- was not really enough to make a full meal, but it was extraordinarily delicious (My wife, who qualifies as fat-phobic, gave me the fatty half, which I devoured happily; but I did have to give her enough of my steak and frites to make up for her rather small main course). Deserts were undoubtedly the highlight. The frozen nougat -- served in the same type of small glass jar with metal screwtop lid the ketchup for the frites came in -- was filled with fruit (dates, mabye?) and, if I recall, some nuts, and was just wonderful. Ditto for the scoops of sorbet and ice cream we tried. I'd definitely go back for desert -- and to see if they serve anything else with that bacon.

      1. Great Little Euro box, floating wood floor, aluminum windows and walls... very chick. We took our daughter there for her 18th birthday and 20 of her "closest" friends. They gave us two longs tables at the rear and it turned out to be a wonderful evening. We sampled les crudités with the aoili. very nice, Les rilliettes de Canard were very good but I was very disappointed by the ribs. Kids mostly had the pricey $20bux burges but seemed to have enjoyed them. My wife took the slow cook dill salmon which was to die for. The french fries were also excellent. The service was efficient.
        The price for the party was more than reasonable as it turned out that with all the booze and shots the NOW legal kids had, we ended up sending HALF our intended budget!
        A regular told me to try the fresh oysters and the cote de boeuf for TWO. I am going back Friday for lunch and will advise.



        1. I'm a bit disappointed with my experience. I must say I had high expectations about that place and couldn't wait to try it out. I ordered the Montreal sausage, since Normand Laprise said he'd like to make it a symbol of Montreal. Well, the one that I was served was pretty much on the raw side. I would expect that after 2 months, the cook would know the drill. The waiter was very nice though and tried to make up for it the best he could (by offering a couple of cookies?!). My partner had the ribs and they were good, but not fall-of-the-bone. Anyways, I'll still give this place another try sometime.

          1. Dropped by Brasserie T last monday after a long walk on the mountain, fighting hordes of tourists (locals and not) enjoying the "last" beautiful day of autumn.

            I'm opening a parenthesis here ...

            Why on earth is there nothing foodie oriented at the lookout chalet ... something simple seasonal, good quality, nice terrasse ... Me think it should work.

            closing the parenthesis.

            T was open, F was not ... if both were open, I would have flip a coin.

            Walked in the resto, a bit too cold to eat out (windy), but there were people out side eating; got a table, menu (food'n'drink) looked at it, but decided to try the day's special.

            Starting with a _wonderfully_ good potage of chou-fleur, that was excellent!! creamy, tasty... with little broiled cauliflower florettes.

            The main was a duck tartare (ginger, sesame oil/seed) with french-fries, it was good solid food; nothing extra-ordinary, but very good.

            With 2 glasses of rosé, all that was about 40-ish; worth it IMO.

            The location is kind of weird, it's very nice when the weather is collaborating, but when it's going to be cold, rainy and snowy, I think it was be a bit weird, but it the place spectacle is as spectacular in winter it's going to be ok.

            One thing I did not like were the chairs, plastic chairs.... I hate that.

            FYI, the restaurant will be closed from the 23 (open for lunch) to january 6th (open for lunch/diner)


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              Funny you mentionned you would have flipped a coin between both new restos , I'm seeing a show in the area next Thursday, and want to try one of them, but I can't decide which.

              My understanding of all the comments and review is that Cafe F is slightly pricier (especially if you factor in wine), but food seems slightly better on average, so it's really a toss up, because Brasserie T will still be good. It will probably depends what I'm in the mood for that night, but I'll report on whichever I try.

            2. We ended up at Brasserie T.

              Food was good, nothing great, but no complains either but for the quality and are, pretty good. Good GPR. Portions are ''normal'' (not americanized), so you can actually take an appetizer, main and desert and not feel overstuffed.

              I had the goat cheese over mashed potatoes, a strange combination that worked well, with a vinegrette (berries?), not too sweet or bitter. salmon tartare and ribs were good, so were the fries. Oh, and nobody mentionned they bring little pickle jars to the table with the bread...hum...love jars of pickle on the table. Good fries. Deserts a little disapointing, but it may be our choices. Espresso was good, not bitter like is too often the case in restaurants.

              Main downside was how loud it gets. I don't know if it is the glass walls and ceiling, but when it is packed, it is not a place to linger. But to have a quick but good lunch before a show, fine.