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Jul 4, 2010 03:54 PM

Green papaya, a type of papaya or just an under ripe papaya??

I love green papaya salad. The recipes looked fairly easy so I decided to make one. I asked the produce clerk about green papaya. I didn't know if I needed under ripe or it is a type of papaya. She showed me what to buy.

Today I peeled it and was ready to julienne it. Mine was organge. Whenever I have had it, it was white. Do I need to go Chinatown next time to buy the right type? Or is the orange papaya the same thing?

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  1. Unripe they are dark green-skinned and hard to the touch - those are the ones used in the salad. if it's orange inside it's ripe and unsuited to this use.

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      These were hard as a rock. 99% of the orange flesh was hard. They were very difficult to slice. I think I will continue just buying the finished product.

      Good to know I at least bought what should have been the correct thing.

      1. re: Janet

        I'm surprised it was hard if it was orange, normally they are pale inside.

        1. re: Janet

          Yes, they should be pale inside - white with a faint green hue. I would recommend buying one at a Chinatown or Asian market.