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Jul 4, 2010 02:25 PM

MDI recs?

My wife and I will be spending 5 nights on MDI at the end of July -three in SW Harbor and two in Bar Harbor. We'll be staying in B&B's, so breakfasts will be taken care of. Lunch will be on the run, so we just need dinner recs.

In SW Harbor we like Red Sky. What else is good these days? (I was disappointed in Fiddlers Green last year)

In BH, we've liked Cafe This Way and Galyn's. What else is good? I'm curious about Maggie's as a locals place, as we tend to trust locals for value. We try to avoid the tourist places if we can.

Thanks for your insights and recommendations.

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  1. Usually good places on MDI are frequented by both tourists, particularly those who return year after year, and locals alike and the bad places are only frequented by tourists. That being said it always surprises me that some of the worst places in Bar Harbor are still open year after year.

    We love XYZ in Manset which is very close to SW harbor. We had a great meal there last Friday night. They have excellent Margaritas made with Sauza tequila. The flavors are authentic Mexican. We had lengua served cold with a vinegar sauce, roasted green chiles with cochinita cheese, cold avocado soup, fantastic chicken mole, pork with achiote rub and goat in a chile sauce. They also make really good tiger shrimp roasted with garlic. The frozen lime bomb dessert is light as air. The atmosphere is amazing, the staff and owners are welcoming. Just a great place.
    We also like Havana in Bar Harbor. It is expensive. The food is inventive and delicious. The flavors spot on. The lamb meatballs on sugar cane appetizer, wild mushroom spring rolls, lobster and seafood coconut stew, saffron seafood, chicken and sausage paella, rack of lamb all wonderful. They have a very nice wine list and a helpful sommelier, and very good mixed drinks. The liquid center dulce de leche cake served warm with vanilla Mount Desert Ice cream is outrageous.

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      Thanks for those suggestions, thehungrything; they both sound good. Does anyone have an opinion about Maggie's in BH?

    2. Cleonice in Ellsworth if my favorite...and I hear they just opened a new restaurant in Blue Hill called Table....can't wai to try it. Havana in Bar Harbor has a smoken wine list and interesting "Latin Fusion" or Cuban fare depending on who you talk to.

      They all have web sites....check them out...and hope you enjoy your stay.

      112 Main St, Ellsworth, ME 04605

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        Thanks for the Cleonice suggestion. I hadn't thought of Ellsworth. Blue Hill is a little too far for us at night, but Table looks nice, too.

        112 Main St, Ellsworth, ME 04605