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Jul 4, 2010 12:17 PM

Please update us on Main St. Queens restaurants and Falafel Kitchen on Union Tpke

We need a low cost family option for Main St. in Kew Gardens Hills. Best bet dairy (not Benjys, Shimons or Naomis) and best bet meat (what is K burger about?). Also, is falafel kitchen worth our time or any other place on Union (Hapisgah is too expensive for this occasion). Thanks.

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  1. On Main Street, I can't think of many other dairy places that you haven't mentioned. I'm not much of a dairy person, so I don't eat at these places at all. I think Kosher Corner is reasonably priced, and there is a new pizza/Italian place. Don't know if you were ruling out all pizza, or just those places. The new place is called La Bella, but I've never been there, so I can't help much. My favorite dairy is Pizza Professor, but I'm pretty sure you don't want that either.

    As far as meat goes, I've never eaten at K Burger, but I do like the shwarma in the other half of the store, Pita Hot. It's nothing fancy, typical fast-food booths, but I think the quality is better than in other places. The lines, however, always seem to move slower than you can ever imagine they would. I once went in with only one person on line ahead of me, and still it took forever!

    My favorite place in the neighborhood for meat is Carlos and Gabby's, at the extreme northern end of the stretch of kosher stores and restaurants. Also far from classy, but I like the food. Low cost? Well, it depends on what you choose. I happen to like a particular sandwich, which unfortunately is the most expensive one on the menu. I also love their onion rings, so tack on a drink and we're already in $20 territory. However, If I go with someone, the onion rings are easily shared, and truthfully, for me, I could usually be happy with just a half sandwich, so I guess it depends on your appetites and choices. There are many choices cheaper than my sandwich: the burritos are very reasonable, other wraps, platters, etc. I guess I just have expensive tastes!!

    I know nothing about the place on Union Tpke.

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      K Burger is somewhere between fast food and restaurant burgers.
      they are basically -
      hand made burgers with exotic condiments and beefsteak buns.
      i recommend limiting your party menu choices, or it may take your
      guests too long to decide exactly what to put on their own burgers.

      the only glaring omission while there was the lack of onion rings.
      their french fries were fresh, unlike K&G which used defrosted.

      so if they are within your budget, you should be fine using them.
      having Pita Hot connected is helpful in case someone can't find
      what they like on the K Burger menu, and bathrooms are clean.
      because K Burger is at the far end of the main street store line,
      some may find parking nearby a bit easier. K Burger has booths
      that may not be ganged together into a larger group table, so you
      need to coordinate that with Pita Hot next door to pull that off,
      or just let your guests sit in smaller groups - they may prefer it.
      K Burger is better sound insolated from Pita Hot, in case you
      want someone to give a Dvar Torah, etc.

      you might want to elaborate on exactly what sort of group this is?
      tots, teens, adults, how large, lunch, dinner, weekday, weekend, etc.

      1. re: Joe Berger

        Thanks for the detailed responses. Ended up in Grill Point because we did not want to be left hungry or frustrated. Of course the food and service were great, restaurant clean as always. We just weren't really in the mood for that kind of food that early in the day. I will say that we stopped into the Subway (didn't realize there was one in KGH) and walked right out. It had a putrid smell and was filthy (no exaggeration) so I don't know what was up with that. I saw that Kosher Corner was still around. I never really liked them, but I guess we can do it next time if there isn't another dairy option that isn't typical pizza storish. Thanx again.