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Jul 4, 2010 12:04 PM

Sound off on Sausages in Halifax Area

Hello all,

new to Halifax and looking for somewhere to get real Italian sausages or any other great sausages worthy of mention, any suggestions? thanks

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  1. At the Farmers' market, Roselane Farms does great German-style sausages and Sweet William's does some more interesting varieties. If you fancy a trip out to the valley, the smoked sausage from the Fireside is not to be missed. The sausage from Pete's Frootique is decent, but I prefer the previous three. Avoid the stuff from the grocery stores - wrong fat ratio, too lean.

    My favourites:

    Farmers sausage from Roselane.
    Pork and leek, smoked cajun sausage from Sweet William's.
    Beer kielbasa from the Fireside.

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    1. re: hstern

      thanks so much for your response, i will check out the farmer's market and try a load of sausages there,pork and leek,yumm that sounds good!
      I'm a 3 week noobie here in halifax, so sorry but where exactly is the valley? lol
      I've heard lots of good things about Pete's Frootique too,will check that out because yes grocery store sausages do not cut it for this sausage fan,i need to see chunks of fat,really don't like that toothpaste texture.

      thanks again for the info!

      1. re: CapoCapicollo

        The sausages from Pete's do the trick for a midweek sausage fix but I personally prefer to purchase mine at Sweet William's at the Farmer's Market. Everything I've had from there has been delicious but I particularly enjoy the fresh garlic ones. They also have really good deli meat (cajun ham!) and their smoked cheddar cheese is perfect on burgers. I swear I don't work for them despite this sounding like one big add!

        Also, by the valley hstern means the Annapolis valley where lots of farms are located.

        1. re: petra_reuter

          thanks for that mouthwatering info,can't wait to hit the Farmer's Market and taste all these wonderful flavours and am looking forward to a trip to the valley to load up on great local food,thanks so much!