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Jul 4, 2010 09:56 AM

Looking for Information About Vermentino

This month the Cookbook of the Month has a few recipes that have Vermentino wine listed as an ingredient. I had never heard of this wine, much less tasted it. Does any one on this knowledgeable board have any experience with it and can give me/us some information? After a bit of Googling around I know that it's a white wine from Sardinia, and has a citrus flavor...But that's about it.

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  1. Depending where you're located, shouldn't be all so difficult to find. The bottles I've had (from Sardinia) have ranged from mildly lemon-like to bizarre bazooka-bubble-gum flavors. The ones I have had have been light-bodied (although there is a "traditional" style that's heavy-bodied and quite alcoholic), and I would advise buying the most recent recent vintage available...Sella and Mosca is a well-known label that's the light-bodied type. It also can be found in Liguria...The wine works best with grilled fish...

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      Thank you very much for your response, Penthousepup! One recipe that calls for Vermentino is for roast chicken, so given your description my interest is now piqued. Chicken and fish are wildly and widly different.

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        I could see roast chicken with garlic, lemons and black olives working...

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        That's a good article. Gio, maybe you can take the NYT list to your wine store.

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          The Funtanaliras is a very characterful vermentino, with the something of the body of a white Rhone, and some distinctive aromas. There are, in addition to Sella and Mosca's La Cala, there are 2 other popular branded wines from large growers: Costamolina from another excellent producer, Argiolas, and a third, Aragosta, from the Cantine Santa Maria delle Palme in Alghero. All three are crisp, light/medium, citric, with some minerality, and should cost no more than $15. They're all Vermentino di Sardegna widely available; lok for smaller cantine, Look, too, for Vermentino di Gallura, like the Funtanaliras, for somewhat more individual wines from a smaller appellation.

      2. Many thanks to all of you... and yes, the NYT article will be Very helpful as are all the expert CHs on this board. You're The Best! I'll let you know how the dish turns out.

        1. Well here I am back to tell you how much I apprecieate your help with my Vermentino selection and to tell you that the finshed dish was terrific. After reading the NYT link orlwine provided I choose Argiolas Vermentino di Sardegna Costamolino, 2008, *** and only $14.

          The recipe came from one of the current COTMs, Italian Two Easy: Simple Recipes from the London River Cafe... Roast Chicken Vermentino. It has a cut-up whole chicken, potatoes, porcini...lots of porcini, garlic, rosemary, and extra virgin olive oil. All my favorite ingredients. It was delicious: golden brown and crispy yet juicy. As for the wine, we found it to be light for a dish like this with so much flavor going on, but it did add a slightly fruity/citrusy note. It was lovely to drink cold from the fridge, but as I said in my report on the Home Cooking board, we won't be rushing out to buy a case. However if you find yourself in London and craving a lucious meal get yourself over to the River Cafe and order the roast chicken Vermentino... Or make it at home.
          Thanks again...!