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Jul 4, 2010 09:53 AM

Has anyone seen fresh shiso anywhere?

Also goes by the name perilla.

We've grown it in past years but not this year.

Haven't seen it at United Noodle or at the farmers market.


Just saw a pasta recipe that calls for it and have a hankering for it.

United Noodles
920 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN

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  1. Kim's has it.

    Kim's Oriental Market
    689 Snelling Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104

    1. Saw it at 3 different verndors at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market the last 3 weeks or so.

      1. Fantastic!

        Kim's is not far off my beaten path so I will check that out.

        And will keep a sharper eye at the farmers market. I go to the St. Paul one, but if it's being grown it should show up there. Lots of herbs and greens.

        Thanks much!

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        1. re: karykat

          karykat, it might serve you to either get to the Farmer's Market early in the morning and/or to ask some of the vendors directly if they have shiso. If the item you're looking for is one that producers don't think has much of a market, they may not bring it along in any quantity.

          1. re: steve_in_stpaul

            I'm not an early morning gal myself, but can get my dinner companion to go early and check. Can certainly ask around. Good idea.

        2. Contact the Herb Man and ask him to bring a plant next weekend to the St. Paul Farmers Market ( hearty and easy to grow.

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          1. re: Lionel Hutz

            Good idea. I can ask the Herb Man. I know exactly who you mean. We've grown shiso in the past. Including the kind that is reddish. (Makes beautiful steeped vinegar.) We had trouble finding the shiso this year at the greenhouse we go to in the spring. But I will give HM a try.