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Jul 4, 2010 07:50 AM

hidden gem in Guelph -- Chilean restaurant

we've been twice to this small (4 tables!) restaurant and been impressed both times. not easy to find (close to Rocky's) but worth it !

great value -- the food is excellent and the service most attentive.

we've had:
beef empanadas ($6) -- big, full of flavour and fresh;
humitas with Chilean style salad ($5) -- delicate corn with delightful seasoning (mashed corn seasoned Chilean style wrapped in corn leaf);
Gallo Pinto ($14) -- generous dinner, wonderfully seasoned (red beans/rice, tri-tip beef, plantains, 2 eggs, avacado, yucca, tortilla);
Torta mil hojas ($5) -- a wonderful dessert, pastry with caramel and coconut, not too sweet, just perfect end to a meal.

menu is diverse without being overwhelming.

they have delivery and cater.

NOT your average Mexican-style restaurant -- it's much, much better (and Chilean).

the fresh salsa is a welcome departure from the usual salsa offerings.

Los Abuelos is our new favourite dining spot -- discover for yourself.

open Tues-Thurs 11-8pm; Fri-Sat 11-9pm; closed Sun/Mon

447B Elizabeth Street, Guelph

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  1. not to highjack but there's another one that not many seem to know about called chachy's in Toronto, right by the bowlerama near kipling station. there food is aweosme, ceviche, calamari, grilled beef heart, all kinds of chilean stuff and regular diner fare as well. they fly in some special chilies and herbs to make their hot sauce and some special dishes.

    1. Thanks for mentioning this restaurant. I'll be checking it out next time I'm in Guelph.

      1. I will definitely go visit!

        1. Well I went to this restaurant prior to seeing this post and found Chris's liking for this restaurant very interesting. For me the food was semi par at best, the kitchen was exposed with appliances that you would find in any moderate home. The family run business does not serve alcohol and the drinks they did serve were not cold. I will give points to the staff (family) as they were super nice and super hospitable. Unfortunately, I do not see myself going back.

          1. Okay, I'm bringing this thread back on track. Tried Los Abuelos today after seeing this thread as I searched for someplace for a decent lunch in Guelph (which is turning out to be harder than I expected).

            First off, its not really that tough to find. It's square in the middle of an industrial area wedged in between an auto repair shop and a barbershop, which makes it more unexpected and out of context than anything else. Just google map it. On google streetview it occupies the space that shows as the (former) Blue Suede hair salon. No map? No problem. Just follow MacDonnell St. out of downtown Guelph (southeast). It turns into Elizabeth St. once you cross Wellington and is not even a 5 minute drive out of downtown (or from the university) on your right hand side. There's a concrete statuary place across the way, so you could ogle the amazing garden sculptures while you eat your lunch, pick your favorite and marvel at just who the hell puts that kind of stuff in their front yard anyway? The gigantic Neptune fountain thing gets my vote.

            Back on point. Clearly just a small mom and pop type family place. It'll only seat a dozen or so and has just a small kitchen. The menu is therefore sensibly (I think) small and is made up of a number of simple Chilean style dishes. Some South American sodas, condiments, & etc. available for sale in the back corner. They'd just finished up a catering job the day before, so were absent a couple of menu items.

            The food was fresh and straight forward and enjoyable for the fact that it included a number of flavours you wouldn't typically encounter at the local fast food joint. An average sausage - but interestingly seasoned - fresh bread, well dressed. My tomato/onion salad was also nicely dressed and I'm thinking would be killer in fresh tomato season. Average coffee served with a hint of cinnamon.

            Overall, won't immediately blow you away, but competent and fresh. I'm gonna give it another go and try some of the other stuff on the menu. The comments I overheard from the adjoining table were positive and the place was doing a steady take out business, as well as serving a string of what were apparently regulars.

            All in for under 10 bucks, so its an affordable lunch as well.