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Jul 4, 2010 07:30 AM

Is it 'mix' or 'blend' ?

I've noticed that the most common use in wine circles is a 'blend of grapes' to describe the final product. But, in general usage, 'mix' is acceptable as well as 'blend'. Why is 'blend' found more commonly than 'mix' and is there a reason behind this? Is it wrong to say 'mix' for a 'blend'?

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  1. from the dictionaries, they seem to be synonymous; I think blending in my mind seems a little bit "gentler" than mixing (in regards to drinks at least).

    Probably wrong, but is it the act of actually blending the grapes instead of mixing the juice ?


    1. Bottom line: it's semantics.

      But with 35 years in the wine trade, I have RARELY heard anyone use the word "mix" in terms of combining wines OR grapes together, and with specific to the final product/wine -- as specified in the original question -- I have honestly NEVER heard the word "mix" used. It is ALWAYS a "blend" -- unless one uses the French terms "cuvée" or "mélange."