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Jul 4, 2010 04:16 AM

BBQ/Pool Party - Looking for suggestions for what to serve!

BBQ and pool party coming next month.

Guest of honor does not eat red meat - only chicken or fish. Looking for very simple, uncomplicated (the ten layer goat cheese/truffle oil/pig liver whosewhatsi is not good for this crowd ;) fare for approximately 10 people.

We want to provide more than enough food for everyone but are on a very limited budget - looking for ways to make a delicious, ample meal (maybe appetizers, 2 mains and sides with dessert) without breaking the bank. I know there will be cost involved, but am looking for smart shopping here.

We were considering a paella on the grill but don't have a pot large enough...or maybe some kind of coconut scented rice with seafood? I know the seafood can get expensive but we have a store here that is fairly reasonable. I just don't want the meal to consist of 10lbs. of scallops...more like we make the scallops (for ex.) an appetizer and then have something else for a main...

Does that make sense?

Thoughts please?! Open to mostly any cuisine - simple though -

Thank you!!!

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  1. Paella on the grill sounds awkward even if you had a pot large enough, unless your grill is considerably larger than ours. How about making a stove top rice dish with all the usual paella flavorings and veggies and serving this as a side? Then you could grill chicken and shrimp to be served on top of the rice. You wouldn't get that toasty bottom that paella should have but you'd have the flavors. A nice green salad would round things out. Having both chicken and shrimp might be considered "two mains" although I never make more than one main dish for just about any event unless I have guests with dietary restrictions of some sort. Why make things that much more difficult for yourself?

    1. I agree that paella may prove to be awkward on the grill, especially if you've never done it before.

      Some other suggestions could be lemon pepper chicken, or chicken kabobs, grilled fished tacos. Grilled bbq chicken pizza, stuffed mushrooms, marinated grilled veggies

      for dessert grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream.

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        mandycat you're right about the grill - it's a small gas weber circa 199? I like your idea a lot, unfortunately the problem is our apartment is so small that we don't bother putting the stove or the oven on in the summer (unless it's quick for tea or something) because the apartment turns into a sauna! We are lucky in that we only share the property with one family, and have an outside and a pool, so I am hoping to keep everything (people, cooking, etc.) outside! :)

        You are right about the main dish thing...perhaps one is enough...

        Sandwich- chicken kabobs sound interesting...tacos too though I'm afraid the guest of honor will eat...oh...50 of them...and still not be full... ;) Any recs for marinades for the chicken?

        1. re: lovessushi

          Something you might want to consider is grilled chicken fajitas made w/ lg. flour tortillas, red, yellow and green bell peppers, and onions, building a whole Mexican-themed meal around it; ceviche appetizer, maybe served in pretty martini glasses, along w/ cotija cheese and roasted chiles on lg. corn tortilla chips, fajitas, Mexican rice with raisins and onions and pumpkin seed garnish, beans, a platter of assorted melons and cucumber doused with lime and sprinkled w/ salt and chili powder. For dessert you could serve churros w/ dulce de leche dip and strawberries.
          Anyway you do it, heading toward a culture where meat isn't the total mainstay usually works well when planning a budget- that includes anything Asian, Middle-Eastern or Mediterranean, and for some reason a theme tends to make things easier to streamline.

          1. re: mamachef

            That's a great idea mamachef - the crowd LOVES Mexican anything...this is a definite possiblity - going to run by bf who will be doing most of the cooking and see what he thinks!

      2. Was at a BBQ just yesterday. One guest brought a green salad that had crushed dry ramen noodle in it (and the flavoring spices as part of the dressing ingredients). Novel idea, nice crunch.

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          I had something like that at a party recently too! It was an Asian slaw, made with the pre-cut broccoli slaw that you buy in a bag, crushed dry ramen noodles, and a dressing made with the ramen noodle seasoning pack, peanut butter, apple cider vinegar, and maybe brown sugar? I'm sure there are recipes all over the internet for it. I've heard of it several times, just never made it myself b/c I'm not a fan of vinegar.

          With that, you could serve chicken satay, sweet cilantro-coconut rice, and spiced carrots.

        2. Bacon wrapped shrimp, stuffed hot peppers on the grill, beer can chickens, lots of roasted veggies, baked beans
          low country boil

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            Porker that sounds interesting. Lala I like the baked beans idea...would sausage work well with that? Maybe potatoes?

            Keep the ideas coming! Thanks!!

            1. re: lovessushi

              Bumping this up - sorry... but we are still looking for ideas. Bf isn't feeling Mexican. He wants to make a giant amount of wings as an appetizer...and then...I don't know...we are still lost! Thankfully we have a while left to decide.

              1. re: lovessushi

                How about chicken and shrimp and beef skewers with a peanut dipping sauce. If you have a rice cooker, you can make coconut or cilantro rice without heating up the kitchen. Also have a big fruit salad or some grilled veggies--I grill these the day before & wrap in foil & just heat up in the foil on the side of the grill.
                Or how about turkey burgers?

                1. re: lovessushi

                  For your main, you might consider an entree salad with grilled seafood. I recently made one, with shrimp that had been brushed with seasoned olive oil, grilled, tossed with greens, grape tomatoes, red peppers, all tossed in a citrus, mayonnaise dressing. It was very refreshing for a hot day, and did not involve nearly as much seafood as would a traditional entree. The shrimp can be grilled in advance, which may help if your grill is small.

                  Perhaps you could also have some sort of second, red meat entree, which the guest of honor might not eat, but that other guests would enjoy.

                  1. re: lovessushi

                    What kind of wings is th BF feeling?

                    1. re: lovessushi

                      I just had a BBQ for about 30 ppl. I didn't want to be cooking the *whole* time, so this is what I served:

                      --Homeade goat cheese spread; cheddar; and Castello Blue-- with grapes and cherries, crackers (make the spread the day before and the whole thing is easy to set up right before everyone arrives).

                      --Bruschetta with: rosemary, lemon white bean dip (from Bittman) and Tomato Salad (heirlooms, basil/ tarragon/chives, goat cheese with balsamic and EVOO)--also easy to put together before everyone arrives.

                      --Chicken drumsticks--marinated two days before and grilled prior to arrival. Keep warm in a pan, reduce marinade on stove top (all this also before guests). Prior to serving, warm chicken in oven (or on grill if kitchen's too hot) and top with reduced marinade.

                      --Leg of lamb kabobs--cut leg into kabobs, cover with EVOO, garlic, fresh herbs, S&P--let marinate for a day or two. Day of--skewer them early and then grill at supper time. [if your guest of honor does not eat lamb and the chicken is not enough, you could do same with swordfish, tuna, etc.]

                      Grilled veggies--mini peppers, red onion, mushrooms, eggplant. Grill early and keep warm. Serve with a sprinkle of fresh herbs over top.

                      Pineapple, cucumber and tomato salad with Asian dressing (from Epicurious, tripled the recipe or so). Dress right be fore serving.

                      All this can be done ahead. When you are ready to eat, fire up the grill, grill the lambies, heat up the chicken, and dress the salad. You are good to go.

                      Some folks brought sides, too so I wasn't worried about any starches. If I had needed one, I may have done a rice dish--which can also be done ahead.

                      Have fun!


                    2. re: lovessushi

                      Pork Shoulder. I smoke mine for pulled pork, but even without a smoker, you can do Cuban style "pernil". Pork Shoulder is about $1 a pound, a 12lb whole shoulder will feed a bunch of people. If you can keep your heat low on the grill (300 or less), you can set it up, let it cook for 10-14 hours with very little upkeep. It will have a beautiful crust, huge deep flavor. You can slice, pull, have on a plate or sandwiches. Serve with rice and beans.

                  2. In your situation, I would have chicken sausage and chicken hot dogs available for the guest of honor. I would have regular hot dogs and sausages for anyone else that doesn't share the guest of honors standards.

                    Have some potato salad. I often buy the potato salad at the grocery store and add some more potato to it and sliced hard boiled eggs, maybe even some more onion. My store usually puts too much dressing on their potato salad.

                    I would certainly have some beer and wine available and sodas. If you don't mind dealing with it, smoothies would be great on a summer afternoon although, I suspect tequila or something might end up in there.