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Jul 3, 2010 10:03 PM

Of hot dogs and buns ...


Do you like your hot dog to be the same size as your bun?

Or, do you prefer your hot dog to be longer than its bun?

Personally, I'm in the latter camp. I want a few bites of my hot dog sans accoutrements.

When the dog protrudes out from its given bun, I can take a few bites of just dog (no bun, no mustard, no ketchup, no nothin') and savor for a few moments the sausage I'm ingesting.

Naked is the best way to size up a hot dog, figure out if it's a real frank or simply an imposter using all those condiments and toppings as a crutch.


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  1. i haven't had one in many, many years, but i always preferred the overhang - i would eat the protruding ends first to ensure that i'd have bun left for the last bite...however, unlike you, i did make sure i had full condiment coverage - spicy mustard & kraut - from end to end.

    sigh. i miss hot dogs (in buns!)...and Oreo cheesecake. you're killing me tonight, ipse.

    1. Funny. I just had a cheeseburger (I chose the amount of cheese, so it was a CHEESEburger) at a DEluxe BBQ yesterday, and there is simply nothing better in the world. You can keep your steak, fois gras, lobster, etc, all of which I adore, but there is simply nothing better than a cheeseburger.

      Add to that the perfect hot dog, and that would be my last meal, along with diner fries, which always have those small crunchy pieces. On the bun, I'd have to go with same size.

      Thankfully, I'm having another cheeseburger and a hot dog today.

      1. As time goes by I find myself veering toward the naked truth in a hot dog, and away from anything that alters the experience of the expression of the designers formulae of the tube steak. I want less and less on my dog.

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        1. re: phantomdoc

          I'm with you...a good hot dog doesn't need a lot of toppings. A superb one doesn't need any at all.
          I look at the "Chicago style" hot dogs and just laugh...are the hot dogs really that bad that they have to add all that stuff to kill the taste? LOL

          My bigger complaint though is with the average, white-bread soft hot dog bun. Something with at least a _little_ more character makes a much better delivery vehicle for the sausage. Some local bakeries in my area used to make some very good hot dog buns...still soft but with a little more 'chew'. These mom and pop bakeries are all gone now for the most part, unfortunately...and with them have one the superior hot dog and burger rolls.

          1. re: The Professor

            i'm with you on this one Professor. if they can't provide a more substantial bun, they should at least toast it lightly to provide a bit of textural contrast (and stave off the inevitable sogginess for an additional minute or two).

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              There are certain dogs that should definitely be served and eaten naked.

              Others, however, like many that are sold from carts, or at concession stands, definitely were borne to be paired with condiments and toppings. Not so much that they need condiments per se, but condiments simply justify their reason for being.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I like a hot dog off a charcoal grill, cooked black until exploding, with just a hint of French's mustard, and nothing else.

                1. re: James Cristinian

                  JC, same here: #1 must be grilled #2 must be blackened from grill #3 must have cheap yellow mustard #4 preferably Nathan's or some other kosher dog ... except adding a smidge of dill relish...ahhhh!...and I like my dog same size as bun to answer OP's question, oh and please toast that bun on grill while yer at it!

            2. re: The Professor

              That's one of my main complaints about the Sonoran hot dogs I've had. They pile gobs of crap on a squishy-soft little hot dog bun and there's no way you can eat that without a fork , whicand cutlery goes against hot dogs in general.

              I like overhang if I have a bun, and if it's done with a proper char I might just impale it on a skewer and eat it that way.

              1. re: The Professor

                A good chi-dog uses a vienna style dog which is subtle and creamy and goes well with the accouterments. It's all about the flavors playing off eachother. Whereas a nicely spiced Perl in natural casing, grilled to perfection, needs nothing or maybe a dab of whole grain mustard.
                They are both good in their own right, just different. I used to bash on sauced BBQ, but sometimes a decent sauce complements a nice rack of ribs. Not any better or worse than a naked pile of boston butt, just different.

            3. I must confess, I've never sized up a hot dog naked.

              But seriously...

              I prefer dawg and bun to be the same length. To me it is the combination of dawg, bun and toppins' that makes the dawg great. Chomping down on a plain old frank just doesn't really get it for me.

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              1. re: Perilagu Khan

                But you've done it fully clothed, right?!

                1. re: nvcook

                  Honestly, I wouldn't do it any other way. Hot, dripping grease could pose a particularly painful hazard.

              2. I prefer the hot dog and the bun to be the same size. I don't mind if the sausage is a bit bigger than the bun but I cannot stand when the sausage is smaller than the bun. The first bite is nothing but bun and condiment and I feel gypped!

                I really like the sausages made by Niman Ranch. Haven't eaten a national chain brand (National Hebrew, Ball Park etc) since I was a kid. I prefer my hot dogs with chilli (good home made chili, not canned stuff) or with lots and lots of ketchup and relish. IMO, the condiments adds to the whole taste sensation of yummy hot dog goodness!