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Jul 3, 2010 08:37 PM

Le Creuset Round Grill Dutch Oven

Does anyone know anything about this dutch oven? It's 4 1/2 quarts, and it looks like it's exclusive to WIlliams Sonoma.

Right now it's on sale for $130 and it looks like a pretty good deal. It comes with a steel knob and has a black enameled interior, unlike most Le Creuset pots. To me it looks like a dead ringer for a Staub. The ad copy says that it was designed to work on an outdoor grill, but I think it would be perfect for the Lahey/Bittman no-knead bread recipe.

I was wondering if anyone owns it or has checked it out and has any comments.

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  1. Well, it does say it is has matte-black enameled interior and exterior surfaces.

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        But it won't be French, would it? I dont' think you can use that Tennessee thing to impress friends.

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          Well, of course the Lodge isn't enameled. They also have a couple of lines of 4 quart enameled ovens with metal handles, but they are at prices that are close to the Le Creuset. They're a few other discount lines out there, but I believe those all have the phenolic-type handles.

          Actually, I was just more curious about the pot more than anything else. I really don't need to talk myself into buying more cookware, but I saw this oven the other day and didn't see any discussion about it.

          1. re: Amp1

            I saw the same Le Creuset piece on the Williams-Sonoma Web site myself and have had the same question as you, Amp1. Hope someone who owns one will comment soon.

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              Amp1, Lodge does make a line of Enambled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens. I own this Lodge Enambled Cast Iron 6 Quart Dutch Oven


              And this Lodge Dutch Oven works as well as my Le Creuset Dutch Oven and
              my Lodge Dutch Oven costs less than half of my Le Creuset Dutch Oven.

              1. re: Norm Man

                Yes, the Color series (Lodge enameled cast iron) is very well regarded. I have to say I have a poor experience with the L series, which is supposed to be the more elite version. The Color series appears to have better QC than the L series.

                1. re: Norm Man

                  I believe the Color series comes in 3, 6, and 7.5 qt, but not in a size close to the Le Creuset oven at 4 1/2 quarts. At least I don't see one on the Lodge website. (


                  The L & Signature series have models around 4-5 qts, but their prices run north of $100, even on Amazon.

                  1. re: Norm Man

                    Note that the price of the Lodge Color Enambled Cast Iron 6 Quart Dutch Ovens on Amazon flucuates -- I bought my Blue Lodge Enambled Cast Iron 6 Quart Dutch Oven for only $45 and shipping was free.

                    1. re: Norm Man

                      I did too. I bought my Lodge blue Color enameled cast iron for $35 on Amazon. Unfortunately, I ruined it by soaking it in bleach and overheating it. I later bought the brown Color Lodge because the blue has raised it price.

                      That is another thing. Different color Dutch Oven are sold at different prices. At this moment on Amazon, the brown one is now sold for $48, whereas the red one is $62

              2. I bought the 4 1/2 qt. dutch oven, in addition to the smaller 1 1/2 qt. sauce pan as soon as they launched in the WS store back in April, because I already had a 3 1/2 qt. braiser in the color, Satin Black, which I was using for dishes like pork and chicken cutlets, stir fries, deep fries, chicken sautes, Ina Garten's steakhouse steaks, etc. and was highly satisfied with it. In April in the store, the sales rep was saying they were offering only 10 pieces per store, each of the 1 1/2 qt. iron-handle sauce pan and the 4 1/2qt. dutch oven! That's why I bought them in a hurry. She also said they were trying to see if they would sell well in store and decide if they would go online as well. I asked her why LC in Satin Black color was cheaper than regular LC with beige colored interior, then she said there was one less step in making them, but they perform just as well as the regular LC, and that some people like Satin Black even better because of the SS knobs, for their heat resistance up to 500 degrees F. I'm very pleased with all my Satin Black LC and use them every day, in addition to my other regular LC pieces.
                Now I use the 4 1/2 qt. mainly for stews, curries, and boiling short pasta, and the small 1 1/2 qt. iron-handle saucepan for Miso soup that I make every day for my family of four. The 4 1/2 qt. has produced a brown patina (as described in the insert that came with the product), but the 1 1/2qt. saucepan still looks brand new.
                For No-Knead Bread, I use a regular LC 2 3/4 qt. oval with a phenolic knob with no problem in 450 degrees oven, but if the knob ever melts in the future, I think I'll buy a replacement SS knob.

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                  Thanks, akehost. This is helpful.

                2. I saw it today. Actually a bunch of them, really. They are mostly likely to be matte-black enameled interior. They are pretty inexpensive now at $79.99 at the store I was at. I don't need one though.

                  1. I own the Le Creuset Round Grill Dutch Oven as well as the Grill Sauce Pan. They are a matte black with black interior. I use them all the time on my weber Grill and burner. They are fantastic! I hear they are very rare and only a few were made for each Williams Sonoma store.