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Jul 3, 2010 05:22 PM

not your typical birthday lunch or dinner in Edinburgh

Hi all,
We are headed to the UK for five weeks, the first in Edinburgh. We are staying in a flat in old town, traveling with two small children (toddler and infant) and grandma and grandpa. My birthday falls during our time in Edinburgh. I'm wondering if there is a fun, casual, delicious place to go for a lunch or early dinner that would be kid-friendly? Or, alternatively, a great place to buy cheeses, charcuterie, etc., for a lavish night in? Thanks!

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  1. Valvona & Crolla could be a good place to head to for cheeses etc

    The Dogs is a fun casual place and the food is pretty good. Probably best during lunchtime if you have kids

    hope this helps


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      I would add "The Grain Store" to Simon's suggestions, good food in a nice old building just off Grassmarket, it feels special and has a nice casual atmosphere that will work for all ages:

      It has that certain something that should be good for a family Birthday (and we had a very good meal there) but not certain about the "fun" label, as I tend to find places that have added "fun" tend to be anything but fun and are usually aimed at under 5's or hen parties.

    2. IJ Mellis would be a fine place to go for cheeses, there's a branch in the old town. they also sell iberico ham, shoulder and leg varieties, cut from the bone in the store. though their version is not the very best of its kind, but i think the best youd find in edinburgh. i believe they sell imported polaine bread alongside their cheese selection.

      i'd also recommend henri's in morningside, as they sell some excellent terrines, rillettes etc and also have cheese from small french producers that you might not find elsewhere. the french guy who owns the place goes on regular buying trips to france and visits the producers on site. it's a 10-15 min bus ride away, though you could probably walk it too if you fancied to make a trip out of it. there's also an IJ Mellis next to Henri's in morningside, so two birds with one stone.

      1. Thanks all. I think we may try the Grain Store though I've put the other suggestions on the map as well. Phil, "fun" in the sense of lively atmosphere, creative menu, thoughtfully prepared food-- this place seems to suit. Do you think kids would be OK there for an early dinner (6 PM)? I'm always cautious of bringing our kids to dinner as I never want to disturb people out for an adult evening, but going early usually works unless the place is very upscale.

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          We had lunch there and it was mainly families with kids so I think you will be fine. As Edinburgh is a big tourist city they are very used to family groups.