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Jul 3, 2010 05:15 PM

Church's Fried Chicken

degustateur would like to personally invite all of you fried chicken lovers to head over to your nearest Church’s Chicken. Order what you prefer, original (my choice) or spicy with honey biscuits and jalapeno poppers. Let me know what ya'll think.

My reaction … (^_^) !!!

FYI, I waited 5 minutes for a fresh-out-the-fryer batch and just made biscuits.

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  1. Capital idea! I lived in the south for many years and Church's is one of the best chain store fried chickens. They used to have great fried gizzards as well. I haven't been to one since moving to CA many years ago but I will have to find one now.

    1. Church's is the only place we eat fried chicken. We love the spicy chicken, and dip it in their vinegar based hot sauce. The honey biscuits (dipped in their honey sauce) are to die for too. Our usual sides are the mashed potatoes with gravy (which has a nice peppery kick) and the mac and cheese (try it with the hot sauce!). Sometimes we get the cole slaw too but I'm the only one who eats it as DH and the kids are not cole slaw fans.

      1. Call me weird but I really like Churchs cold, last nights leftovers right out of the fridge the next day. Give me a family size order of fried okra (not cold) and a bottle of Tapatio hot sauce or sriracha and I'm good.

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          You'd love the Church's where I live. If you arrive when they open you just might get last nights chicken. It happens a lot. I should say happened, as I haven't eaten at one in at least three years. I only do fried chicken a couple of times a year, so I eat from local places that fry to order, or a mini chain that sells so much chicken that it is aways fresh. The original post was lucky, fresh Church's is really good.They also do very good chicken tenders, again if they are fresh.

        2. How do you guys feel about Church's as compared to Popeye's? I prefer Popeye's since the batter is a little crispier and a tad less greasy. I also like that the biscuits are a little more fluffy. I've tried Church's in Atlanta and Philadelphia, and always go back to Popeye's, but like that they serve fried okra. What's your comparison of the two?

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            Sorry, I have to decline your invitation based on my one and only Church's visit two years ago. On my first bite about half the skin slid off my chicken thigh to reveal a congealed mess of yellow fat coating the meat. The piece tasted mostly of vegetable oil, with very little chicken or spice flavor coming through. I don't remember the sides so they must have neither been very good or very bad.

            Popeye's gets my fried chicken dollar, for their spicy chicken and sausage mashed potatoes.

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              I like Church's OK but Popeye's is tops as far as national chains go.

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                First off, I must commend your obvious great taste in music. :D

                I also prefer Popeye's to Church's although I'll agree that Church's fried okra is great. The main problem I have with Church's, at least in my neck of the woods, is that they're located in horrible areas. No drive-thrus, bulletproof glass, beggars and/or passed-out drunks all over the place. For a little while the only Popeye's in town was also not in the best area, but they had a drive-thru and the place was popular with cops so there was always at least one patrol car in the parking lot.

              2. Church's was owned by Popeye's for a while. I used to like Church's as they had huge pieces, but Popeye's always tasted better. Popeye's is near and dear to my heart as I used to go to the original store as a kid.