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Jul 3, 2010 05:11 PM

Siena-or outside Siena toward Lajatico-- Destination-worthy Sunday Lunch--only meal in Tuscany!

My one available day in Siena and the place I remembered fondly in town-Osteria le Logge (had a memorable lunch there a few years ago) is closed on Sunday! We are staying Saturday and Sunday night in Siena (but, we arrive too late for dinner on Saturday and we are attending a concert on Sunday night so will miss dinner). We will have a driver in the afternoon to take us to Lajatico, so we have the optin of having lunch in Siena before we get the driver, or have the driver take us to a late lunch on the way to Lajatico. So, anywhere in Siena or between Siena and Lajatico (which I understand is not too far from Volterra) would work. Looking for a memorable dining experience, not just a quick lunch as this will be our one and only restaurant meal opportunity in Tuscany! If there is a winery with a truly special lunch in the countryside, that would be good too. Wherever we go, I am hoping the restaurant can also pack us a concert picnic meal to enjoy for dinner (since we won't have time that night for a restaurant until midnight). Budget is not an issue if a splurge is in order. Thanks for all suggestions.

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