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Jul 3, 2010 04:00 PM

Staub at/over 500 degrees F

I just bought a Staub Dutch oven/cocotte and noticed that the company's Web site says that the brass/nickel knobs on their pieces are heat resistant up to 500 degrees F. I'd like to bake some bread that calls for the oven to be at 500 degrees. Has anyone tried using their Staub, with lid and knob still on, at or over 500 degrees? What were the results (any damage to the knob or any other part of the vessel)? Thanks!

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  1. What bread calls for a Dutch oven to be 500? Jim Lahey's No Knead bakes quite well at 450.

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      I was looking at Lahey's Stecca and Banana Leaf Roll, but now that I've looked again, I've realized that those breads don't even need a Dutch oven. Sorry for the hastily asked question, and thanks for replying!

    2. Some companies list a maximum continuous temperature and a peak temperature that the pan can handle for a short amount of time. Many ovens fluctuate to maintain an average temperature. While I doubt the Staub will fail at 501 degrees, you may want to ask them what their peak temperature is.

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