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Jul 3, 2010 03:19 PM

New Hollywood casual restaurant alert-Juicy Burger

So I just read about a new place that opened last week called Juicy Burger:

6340 Hollywood Boulevard (corner of Ivar just west of Vine)
Los Angeles, CA 90028-6303 (323) 465-8429

Even though I had just eaten lunch at home I was in the neighborhood and decided to try some fries because I had read, "These aren't just flash frozen potato sticks though, rather Belgian-style French fries, twice cooked and offered with a choice of one of ten dipping sauces."

They are indeed very good! Great sea salt and dipping sauces The best part is you get a burger and fries for $8. The owner said they loved The Counter but thought the prices were too high there-so wanted to build a better mousetrap. The are within spitting distance of Umami Burger on Ivar there BTW. I will definitely be back to try the burgers. Also note below the late closing hour!

Open daily from 11AM to 3AM.

Umami Burger
850 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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  1. Thanks for the heads up "jpie." Sometimes I'm in the area after going to hear music and this could be a great place to grab a bite. I did just try Kitchen 24 on Cahuenga which was fine but I don't mind saving a few bucks.

    Kitchen 24
    1610 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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    1. re: Feed_me

      Yeah these guys are hopping-I think they are filling a real niche. BTW, not much seating mostly counter I think-I wasn't paying attention since I ordered to go...but not even sure they have any tables. So just FYI

    2. Good to know, thanks. We walk past there all the time and have been itching to try it. Now we'll have to bump it further up the list.

      1. The wait for the burger here is longer than if they just started cooking the burger when you ordered it. But that negative is completely overcome by what I found to be one of the best seats in Hollywood. Sitting at the counter, which points westerly toward the street, you can watch all the people walking along Hollywood Boulevard, and also entering Beso. This may be the best seat in the area.

        As to the food, this place is kind of like the Counter, where you pick each ingredient of the burger. I selected the straight-up 1/3 lb. burger, with nothing other than cheddar, lettuce, tomato and Thousand Island dressing. I ordered it medium, and it came out medium, with a slight pink center. It was quite juicy, and I got it on the house bun, which is a very fresh brioche. The lettuce was crisp, and the tomato was passable although not the best I’ve had on a burger. My chief complaint here was the bun to burger ratio. I felt like I was having a brioche roll with meat instead of the other way around.

        Fries were Belgian style, medium-sized, and cooked a little more than I would have preferred. Like the Counter, you pick the sauces you want with the fries. I picked the chipotle ketchup and BBQ sauce. The chipotle ketchup was interesting, but the BBQ sauce was completely unremarkable. I needed both sauces to complete the fries.

        Rating: 7/10.

        As an aside, there are now no fewer than 5 places to get a burger around Hollywood and Vine, and within 3 blocks of this place. The others are Dillon's, Molly's, Sandy's, Delphine, and I think Honey has one. And as jpie mentioned, if you go a few blocks the other way, you get into many more, like Umami, Stout, Big Wang's, Citizen Smith and the others along Cahuenga..... Lot's of burger choices.

        Citizen Smith
        1600 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

        Big Wangs
        1562 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

        6350 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

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        1. re: lil mikey

          I would include the Hungry Cat in your radius. Extend the circle by a block-and-a-half and you'd have Lucky Devils as well.

          The Hungry Cat
          1535 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028

          Lucky Devils
          6613 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

          1. re: lil mikey

            I finally actually went back to try the burgers. My husband tried the chicken on the ciabatta bread which was very good and I had a custom burger on the brioche. Both were very good. We split a medium fries and got out for under $20, so we were happy. I had the burger medium rare and it was cooked perfectly. I was okay with bread to meat ratio since the burger is juicy-it helps to have a bit of a biggish bun IMO.

            Funnily enough, contrary to you, we thought the fries could be cooked a bit more-but we always like them extra crispy.

            All in all I am happy to have them in the 'hood-an I like the owner-he is a really nice guy who likes what he is doing.

            1. re: jpie

              They should change the name to Dry Burger. lil mikey ordered his cooked medium and had a slight pink center? That would have been great. I ordered my 1/3 lb. burger med. rare and couldn't find any pink at all. Cheddar, mustard, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, red onions & pickles on the fresh bun. Very disappointing. And I'm sick of these places charging extra for 'premium' condiments: buttermilk ranch--gimme a break! Back to In & Out...

          2. It was our queue to walk out when this conversation went down:

            Attendant: How would you like your burgers cooked?

            Me: What cut of beef are you using to make the burgers?

            Attendant: Uh, beef....

            Me: Excellent! What sort of beef.

            Attendant: *looks confused--goes back to kitchen for a moment--returns* Premium.

            Me: That is also not an answer to my question. Please cook the burgers to Medium.

            Other words that would have been equally useless in describing the cut of the beef used in the grind would have been Orangutan, Tire Fire, and Internet. Maybe it was his first day, and Juicy Burger's tag line of "A Premium Burger Bar" was something better explained to new hires after their 30-day probationary period.

            Regardless, let's just assume that it was a Chuck burger. The ordering routine was just like The Counter--check the boxes on a slip of paper and hand it over to be prepared. We went with the 1/3 pound patties on a burger bun with American cheese.

            The Burger Breakdown...

            The Beef: If by "juicy" they really meant "greasy", then Juicy Burger served up some amazingly juicy burgers. The cut had to be Chuck, because it was only mildly beefy with no other flavors in the mix.

            The Sear: The sear would have been great, but they probably covered the burgers while griddling them, and this caused the patties to cook in steam, and this created a grayish, rubbery sear. No crunch--just a leathery layer of beef over an over-cooked center.

            The Seasoning: They covered the patties in something resembling powdered onion soup mix. This resulted in a very heavy salt flavor, which even further served to obscure the flavors brought to bear by the insipid beef.

            The Preparation: They ground the Chuck to Medium Coarse. The hand-formed patties were packed loosely The burgers were griddled and steamed to a nearly impossibly greasy Well Done. Well Done was well beyond what I had requested. Looking back, I am thankful that they disregarded my request, since the over-cooking rendered off some of that copious fat

            The Bun: Oof. It was a BIG brioche. No, it was a BIG, greasy brioche. No, wait...It was a BIG, greasy, leathery, bland, and dry brioche. They oiled the top of the bun to make certain that the burger was unpleasant in the hand and the mouth. The bun was just leathery and dry...and it was huge. I threw half of it away, and I regret not throwing away the other half

            Burger Review : Juicy Burger = Fail Burger. Don't. This was like a dirtier version of the counter with equally lousy burgers.


            1. This is one of two Juicy Burgers, the other is on Vermont south of Franklin in Los Feliz, on the site of the late and (by me) unlamented Mako.

              This branch is TINY, counter seating for four or five at most inside, two tables outside. I like the burgers, although I agree they seem a bit overcooked. (I learned to order rare if I want medium rare.) On Saturday night the wait at Umami was twenty-five minutes, here I walked right in.

              I give it a B.

              Juicy Burger
              1820 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

              Juicy Burger
              6340 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028