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Seeking great yet low-cost wedding cake in LA.

I have $200 to spend -- MAX -- on my wedding cake. I'd like something delicious and simply decorated.

The wedding is January 2, 2011. At the moment, the plan is to get married at a friend's house in LA, near USC, but the location may change to La Canada, so I'm open as far as location of the bakery.

Any ideas?

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    1. It's been 14 years, but Hansen's on Fairfax was fairly reasonable, and tasted pretty decent (although I did have other things to think about that day). They also had/have samples of the different types to try. I'd give them a higher rating, but upon delivery, they dropped the top tier of the cake, and replaced it with something different without telling us. Still, I'd use them again - for another occasion, hopefully not another wedding. Pastries by Nancy in Pasadena used to be pretty good when I last checked.

      Nonetheless, (and I hate when people here don't answer the question at hand) do you really want to remember that you had a cheap cake for a day like your wedding?

      Hansen's Cakes
      1072 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019

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        briggs, some people don't have the budget for a pricey cake. from what the OP has written she might be getting married at a friends house.

        you can get a stacked cake at phoenix bakery in chinatown for around $200. they are delicious and believe they deliver. you might even get a better deal at cathy's bakery in san gabriel. good luck.

      2. Check out Susina. Highly, highly recommended. They aren't a traditional wedding cake place, but we used them for our wedding a few years ago. The quality was many, many times better than any other place and a much better deal (I don't remember exactly how much it cost). We saved a lot of money by having individual cakes, rather than tiered stacks. Nobody cared that we didn't have tiers when they tasted the cake.

        1. I recently got a birthday cake from Ralph's supermarket. It was sooo good. Don't be afraid to check them out. We had all the guests ask where we got the cake from.

          1. Check out Phoenix Bakery in Chinatown.
            They do a pretty good job and their cakes are not that expensive.

            Phoenix Bakery
            969 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA

            1. Ruby Bakery in Eagle Rock

              Their cakes are similar in style to Phoenix Bakery but better IMO and even less expensive. They have been at the same location for more than 30 years. Charming people too. I have used them for 2 wedding cakes in the past and they didn't disappoint. I'm sure they could accommodate your needs for under $200.

              Phoenix Bakery
              969 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA

              1. the key is to not use the word wedding cake. tell them you are having a party and you want to get a simple cake with a fondant and decorate it yourself. Gloria's cake supply on Washington has lots of decorations. Congrats & many happy years

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                  "the key is to not use the word wedding cake"

                  Although it might be a dead-giveaway when you request a male figurine in a tuxedo & a female in a white gown...

                2. Alternate idea: Get a small, pretty cake that would be the equivalent of the top tier cake, and have that brought out for the traditional cake cutting part. Have a sheet cake (which is much easier for friends to cut than round cake) stay in the kitchen and just have them bring out the cut cake on plates on a tray(s). If you have preteens/teens who don't have parts in the wedding party, perhaps they would like to help out serving this way.

                  Alternate idea:
                  My daughter wanted 3 round cakes in different sizes but not stacked or tiered. The restaurant brought out 3 stacks of clean dinner plates in different heights, placing them several inches apart, draping the tablecloth(s) OVER the plates, draping the cloths nicely, then placing the cakes on the stacks (smallest on tallest, etc.). The florist used extra flowers and greenery from the wedding (she planned this in advance) to decorate the cakes, and soft greenery around the base of each cake. Simple but very elegant. Nothing to return to the bakery.