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Jul 3, 2010 01:50 PM

Eastern Townships - lobster rolls!

So we were on the way back from the cottage and noticed two beautiful words on a sandwich board in the parking lot: "Lobster" and "Rolls". No time to stop and check it out but we went back the following week and had a wonderful treat! The place is called Le Phat Hawg and it's a casse-croute-type place right next to a golf course in the Georgeville area somewhere (sorry, I don't know the area very well). They have lobster rolls and some other interesting-looking stuff...including crab cakes later in July. Bison sausages, and I think pulled pork? Anyway, the lobster rolls - pretty much my only point of reference is Pearl Oyster Bar in NYC so the bar is set pretty high. These ones are not quite as over-the-top amazing but are closer to home, less than half the price ($12 ish), and damn good. The lobster meat is chopped fairly finely, and dressed simply - probably just mayo and a bit of celery. Comes on a lightly toasted hot dog bun, stuffed pretty full but still pick-up-able. We got some fries to go along with it - excellent home-style, crispy brown ones. The people who run the place seem really nice. We'll be back for sure! Google says the address is 314 Chemin Channel in Georgeville.

Le Phat Hawg
314 Ch Channel, Georgeville, QC J0B1T0, CA

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  1. Thanks for this info... I'm considering a drive out just for lunch but how far out of the city would you say this place is?

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    1. re: OliverB

      Google Maps says about 1.5 hrs from the Champlain bridge. (without traffic, of course)

      1. re: kpzoo

        Yikes... that's a bit far for a lobster roll!

        If I ever find myself heading in that direction this summer though...

        1. re: OliverB

          Delices Falero on Parc near St-Viateur make a really good lobster roll using Iles de la Madeleine lobster

          1. re: isa1

            i am getting addicted to muvbox lobster rolls at the old port locks/ecluses as I like the fact that they just put the claws in the bun minimizing the mincing of the lobstermeat and the water scene fits perfectly with the meal! The person with me the past weekend says it is a bargain compared with the prices for lobster rolls in Boston. How much are the lobster rolls at delices falero and are they on a hotdog bun...

    2. Thanks for this, we stopped there today after spending the day at Douglass beach in Lac Brome, nice people and the lobster roll was indeed very nice and fresh. Will definitely go back when in the area and try some other things on the menu.