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Jul 3, 2010 12:42 PM

Lobster @ Chinese restaurant

So my wife's got a craving for lobster at a Chinese restaurant (the kind where it's sitting on top of a plate of noodles) and Peking Duck. Any one have suggestions for places other than the usual? (Sun Sui Wah, Kirin, etc.) Thanks!

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  1. Ho Yuen Kee on Fraser is a local favourite for its lobster on sticky rice. They also do a good Peking duck. It's a family restaurant so not at all upscale like SSW or Kirin. Koon Bo or Koon Lock which are also close by on Fraser will also be good bets (they have Lobster on Yee Mein).

    Ho Yuen Restaurant
    6236 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5W, CA

    1. Floata in Chinatown.

      Red Star in Marpole (S. Granville).

      Many "Cantonese"-focused restaurants that have "seafood" in their name will have live crabs and lobsters. Call around first. But personally I'd stick with the larger ones that see higher patronage turnover.

      1. Ken's Chinese has a decent lobster hotpot with mung bean noodles. At $20.00 right now it's a good deal. I think they one a CRA award for that dish. While you are there try the powdered egg yolk crab which was our highlight.