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has timothy's tikka house closed down?

mainja Jul 3, 2010 11:24 AM

There's brown craft paper on the windows and no signs explaining what's happening.

But there are also tell-tale signs of renovation.

Does anyone know if they're just renovating (fingers crossed) or if they've closed down (big sad face)

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    ta0126 Aug 13, 2010 06:47 AM

    outdoor signs have changed to read "butter chicken factory". was not open for business when i walked past.

    also found

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    1. re: ta0126
      Googs Aug 13, 2010 06:49 AM

      You are correct. The sign says Butter Chicken Factory and in teeny, tiny letters underneath, "We make Indian food for people who don't know or understand Indian food." Butter Chicken Factory, indeed. Sheesh.

      1. re: Googs
        millygirl Aug 13, 2010 07:05 AM


        1. re: millygirl
          Googs Aug 13, 2010 09:45 AM

          millygirl, it's a joke. In the end it may not be.

        2. re: Googs
          curnonsky Aug 13, 2010 08:33 AM

          So nothing's changed, then?

          1. re: curnonsky
            FlexibleBird Sep 6, 2010 05:07 PM

            I've just waited 2 hours for delivery and it didn't show up. I highly do not recommend this restaurant especially with the lack of customer service.

            1. re: FlexibleBird
              tekkamaki Feb 8, 2011 08:01 PM

              We've been in for lunch 3 times since the renovation. Lunchtime special has a choice of a meat thali or vegetarian thali. Meat thali usually has the "house" butter chicken (I find it a bit bland and a very strange textured breast meat - I think); usually a lamb curry of some kind; dal; raita; rice pilaf and a naan plus a ball of gulab jamun in syrup for dessert.
              It is nicely served on a tray with more than adequate portions and service has been good. They are also good about substitutions -- I took a pass on the butter chicken (even if it is their namesake and I'm generally not a fan of butter chicken anywhere) and I've heard others ask for (and get) substitutions for one of the dishes. Oh, and the daily lunch special is $9.99. Not earth-shattering good, but not a bad choice in the neighbourhood for lunch.

      2. v
        vehg Jul 18, 2010 07:13 PM

        I think they might be under new management. I ordered delivery tonight and my usual order was different. Channa Masala was not as thick or spicy and had the addition of cherry tomatoes. Matter Paneer tasted slightly more sweet than usual, also with the strange addition of these ubiquitous cherry tomatoes. Raita went from being thick and creamy to a watery version of its former self. Gulab Jamun was slightly on the dry side. Overall not bad, but not great either. One good thing was they have stopped using those sloppy tin containers in favour of Swiss Chalet-esque tupperware.

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        1. re: vehg
          Googs Jul 19, 2010 07:08 AM

          Tin containers are recyclable/resuable. Are these?

        2. Googs Jul 4, 2010 09:29 AM

          Closed for reno's (phew). The gent said they'd be open in two weeks. You know how that is, though. Two weeks give or take.

          1. m
            millygirl Jul 3, 2010 12:06 PM

            Have you tried giving them a call?

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