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Jul 3, 2010 09:07 AM

Late night dining near Columbia

Can anyone recommend some good late-night dining options around Columbia? I'm specifically looking for something a _little bit_ nicer, or at least not divey, because my girlfriend is coming in tonight at like 11:30 and I'd like to take her somewhere decent. Any recommendations?

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  1. Just South of Columbia everything is open pretty late. The two that come to mind:

    Le Monde - serves dinner on weekends until 1 am, full regular menu, French Bistro. I'm a big fan of their moules frites.

    Campo - Serves off the "real menu" until midnight and the bar menu until 2 am but actually I think their bar menu is the best part -- mushroom pizza there is fabulous; all of the food there is fine but consistently I've been more wowed by the simplest things on their menu. And definitely a real restaurant.

    Le Monde
    2885 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

    1. Vareli, of course.

      2869 Broadway, New York, NY 10025