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Jul 3, 2010 09:05 AM

Any chicken farcie grand-mere (Dui Ga Xa Ot Dut Lo) in Vancouver?

I went to Saigon on I think Robson St a few years ago and had this stuffed chicken called farcie grand-mere but it closed down. To my understanding it's available at Vina on Marine Dr not the one on Denham but I heard that place is expensive. Is there anymore Vietnamese restaurants that serve chicken farcie grand-mere (Dui Ga Xa Ot Dut Lo).


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  1. Many moons ago, there was a restaurant called ONA, at the corner of Cornwall and Cypress, that had the dish. My wife and I loved it and we'd order it every time we ate there. Ona since closed and that location has seen a bit of turnover of establishments, now it's a cafe/catering shop I believe. I've not found farcie grand-mere in town since, but admittedly I don't eat at any of the VINA locations.

    Let us know if you find it ....... it's a great dish !

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      This dish used to be more prevalent prior to the explosion of pho joints. I'll be on the lookout.

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        Thanks here's the link of the menu if anyone is interested. Its under specialties.

        Are the Vinas on Denham and Marine Dr the same or are they different. Reviews say the Denham one isn't that good but others say the Marine Dr is good but expensive with a piano player.

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          I haven't been at a Vina in over a decade no first-hand reports from me.

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            Vinas apprears to be more upscale in its pricing, decor etc.., imo vietnamese food should be served in a more downscale, "could use a coat of paint " kind of environment

            1. re: vandan

              "vietnamese food should be served in a more downscale, "could use a coat of paint " kind of environment"

              LOL :-D

    2. I think the Cambie Vietnamese (now relocated to Main just south of 25th due to the Cda Line station at 25 and Cambie) has it.

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        What makes it confusing is it's called "Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant", LOL