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Jul 3, 2010 08:42 AM

4th of July Brunch?

Any good ideas? We were thinking Fonda, but can't justify the price for the quantity of food that we actually eat.. The other option is Trudy's - eat with the masses. Are there any other moderately priced brunches tomorrow that are in-between, better, more accessible?

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  1. Tacos N Tequilia has a killer Sunday brunch for $18 with unlimited mimosas.

    1. A day late, but we had a fantastic brunch at Zax yesterday.

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        What did you have at Zax that was so good? I'm very interested. We used to go there often but had several bad experiences and never went back. I'd love to put it back on the brunch rotation.

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          That's would have been a great idea. How much was it?

          I ended up at Trudy's north......and I was pleasantly surprised. Nothing worth going into a lot of detail, but it was a real good deal for $12. Amazingly, we received excellent service. From the waitperson, the asst mgr, the buspeople, etc. It was enough for all of us to notice.