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Jul 3, 2010 07:46 AM

DTW area: Achatz Burgers

Achatz Burgers in St Clair Shores, is concluding a soft opening this week, with regular hours expected on July 5th.

Stopped in yesterday to find they have a short burger menu, several different hand cut fries offerings, a hot dog they dubbed The Splitter, and a Malts & Shakes station.

I was very pleased with my choice of a Double Hamburger. Requested it medium rare, got it medium rare. Menu proclaims that almost all foods are Natural--which I take to mean organically farmed. All "breads" are baked on site. The bun encasing my burger was much lighter than a commercial bun. With the burger I had a chocolate malt. Good, but could have used more malt. What can I say, I'm a malt fiend.

I'm guessing Eastsiders will flock to this casual burger joint and make it hugely successful.

On Jefferson Avenue, between Nine Mile & Ten Mile roads.

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  1. Nice tip RedTop. I gotta check it out!! (Boy, I must say, I only eat med rare hamburger ground at HOME; but, it seems to have worked for you, so far!)

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      PS--On my way to Metro Beach, I did go in Sept. and had a mighty enjoyable quick, old fashion burger. If I were closer I'd also have been back since then. Thx RedTop.

    2. Liked it, but only to a point. The burger was good, the fries weren't, and the chocolate shake was decent. The employees were nice, polite, and informative. For a 1/2 lb. burger, it tasted good, but when you factor in the price point, and the fact that there weren't enough toppings on there (and *no* tomatoes even available? What's up with that?), I walked out feeling a bit light in the wallet ($10.04 out the door for the burger, fries, and chocolate shake) and I was still a bit hungry.

      I'll try it again in the future, but there's no way I'd get those fries again. Expensive, and lousy. Oh, and don't expect a tray, but they do score points for having malt vinegar for the fries. Too bad the fries aren't worth the treatment.

        1. HS #1, a frequent patron, reports that Achatz now offers a four patty burger. He calls it: "terrific".

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          1. I made the trip east for my Wednesday noon-time feed.

            I ordered a basic cheeseburger with a few grilled onions, a cup of chili and a chocolate malt.

            The burger was very good. Right off the grill hot, not heat-lamp hot.. The cheese was fully
            melted and fused with the patty. Great bun ... next time I'll ask them to grill the bun.

            The chili was okay/acceptable. It didn't push any buttons for me. Next time I'll try a soup.

            The malt was a disappointment. I'll echo the earlier observation re: too little malt. I'll go
            further, "Where's the malt?" (Apologies to Clara Peller) The texture was also not what I
            expected - I prefer the upright mixer texture that is coarser with the occasional lump of
            ice cream. An Achatz "malt" has a smooth/creamy texture.

            I will return at least once, but given the distance, I'll likely stick to Jaw's and Walt's for my
            burger fixes. This was a uniform smooth/creamy texture. Next time; water for me.

            The store interior was built for noise. Hard(wood) floors, hard walls, hard ceilings, music
            a bit too loud. i.e. the ambviance was almost as annoying as Jaws. On the plus side, they
            did not overstuff the space with tables & chairs.

            This visit reminds me why I miss Rocket Eddy's (the original "Julie" edition). Sigh.