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Jul 3, 2010 07:18 AM

Where to buy Passion Fruit Pulp in NJ

Can anyone tell me where I can buy Passion fruit pulp in NJ. I'm in Basking ridge, NJ.

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  1. Any outlet of the Supremo Food Market chain will have it, they have stores all over the state.

    It looks like the one at 249 E. Front Street in Plainfield is closest to you. (Although not that close.)

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        Do be alert if you go to Plainfield. Some areas are more safe than others. The business areas along rt514 (park ave) and rt 28 (front st) are generally safe. There are a few neighboorhoods west of 514 (out to Rock Ave) and south of 28 (to west 7th) that are less safe. The area of West 3rd and Liberty in particular should be avoided.

        There are many good places in Plainfield worth checking out but it's also wise to know where you're going before hand and how to get there,. Park reasonably close to your destination and be aware of your surroundings.

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          Thanks so much for your advice!!

    1. You can find it in almost any supermarket. I've found it in the spanish section of the frozen food aisle. Goya makes it and i think Iberra too!