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Jul 3, 2010 05:40 AM

fresh juniper berries...?

This is something of the holy grail search. I'm making GIN. But I need fresh juniper berries, not dried.

Any ideas where I might find some?

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  1. You can pick the bluish-black berries off the juniper bushes, but heaven know where you'd find them in the city, Central Park possibly, doubtful where you are in Queens, or maybe you have friends outside the city that have the one correct variety of juniper bushes on their property. Please read the NYT article linked here before you go out to harvest. Why is it that you did fresh berries for your gin? Most preparations use dried berries with great results:

    Content from chow: "General Description: Juniper (Juniperus communis), an evergreen tree, has small round berries (rightly called cones) that take three years to mature from pale green to fleshy blue-black; they have a piney, refreshing aroma reminiscent of gin. The berries are the only spice from the Coniferae (evergreen) family and one of the few native to cold climates. Several species of Juniperus grow across temperate Europe and Asia, but the best quality berries hail from southern Europe. Picking the berries, which each contain three sticky, hard brown seeds, is no easy task, because they’re nestled among needlelike foliage and are soft and easily crushed."

    Photos of Juniper bushes and berries, not necessarily the correct variety:

    Good luck in your search and enjoy your gin!

    1. This isn't a Holy Grail search, it's a Life of Brian search.

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