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Jul 2, 2010 09:46 PM

What would you do with these ingredients?

Purchased the following: 5 lbs L A cut short ribs, have half of them marinading for Korean galbi. Not sure what to do with the other half. I would like to ultimately freeze them somehow, any suggestions on what to do with the other half?

Purchased a rolled veal breast, thinking Italian????? pancetta, parsley, thyme, parm. cheese....any suggestions on recipes and meal ideas? Also, never handled a veal breast, how do you prep, and cooking method, roast?

Have chicken breast, king mushrooms, pea shoots, 2 bunches of watercress.Korean pear, green beans, red peppers, carrots, vadalia onions, celery, eggs, parm & asiago,
Shanghai noodles, wonton noodles, buckwheat pasta, rice wraps and noodles, pasta, jasmine rice, brown rice, wild rice. no potatoes, vine ripe tomates.
Have canned beans, peanut butter, tahini,.....have pink coloured lentils, dry in a bag....what do you do with these?

Have miso origional, never used it, not sure what to do with it, any help would be great!
Fresh herbs, Thai basil, mint, coriander, flat leaf parsley, thyme, sage, garlic, ginger, lemongrassand rosemary.

Lamb, pork chops, pork tenderloin, veal shoulder and whole chickens in freeze.

What would you do with all this for varies meal plans?

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  1. Wow, did you hit the best farmer's market ever, or what? With all of those herbs and noodles, I would do an Asian soup, like Pho maybe. For the miso, make a marinade (which can then be reduced for a glaze) for cod works great. Mix it with citrus juice, mirin, sugar, and marinate the cod for at least a day, but up to 3 days. Remove it from marinade, pat dry, broil for a few minutes til caramelized...brush with reserved boiled marinade. With the Korean pear, grate it into a marinade for the rest of your short ribs. Make a bulgogi marinade (ginger, garlic, soy, sesame oil, pepper, honey, etc). Can I come to dinner? Haha.

    1. For those whole chickens, I'd make a paste with the basil, coriander, mint, parsley, thyme sge, garlic ginger lemongrass, rosemary, salt & crushed red pepper (or black pepper) with a little olive oil and slather the mix under the skin of the bird and on the skin then roast. If you have a smoker, these would be fantastic smoked. As a side, saute chopped vidalias, celery, carrots, red peppers in oil then mix in Jasmine rice to coat and lightly toast before add some stock and coconut milk. Turn the heat down and let it go for 20 minutes. Another side for this meal is to take the green beans (I'm assuming they're fresh) and roast them in the oven simply drizzled with olive oil with lemon zest, s & p.. A delicious meal.

      And, if you have leftover chicken, it makes killer chicken salad with all those herbs. Save the broth that you get in the bottom of the pan from roasting; refrigerate and remove the solidified chicken fat. Store in a covered container for sauteeing chicken stir fries, etc. The jelled broth can be used tor soups, to cook rice or potatoes, etc. Both can be frozen for later.

      King mushrooms has a long shelf life and is thick with a meaty consistency. You can slice and grill, saute, tempura etc. Would be good in a risotto, which incidentally, can be made with other rices besides short grain. Brown rice, for example would work.

      You can make a nice pear slaw by shredding the Korean pear, carrots, shredded mint & watercress and thinly sliced or shave Vidalias, some cabbage and making a dressing of ginger, rice vinegar, oil, a bit of sugar, s & p...toss and refrigerate. This would be good wrapped in rice wraps (make a dipping sauce) with your ribs, grilled pork tenderloin or even on a sandwich, i.e pulled pork, hamburger, sausage, etc.)

      The lentils can be made into a rice dish with some of your herbs; the shanghai noodles can be made into many different soups which would be perfect for a "clean out the fridge" soup, bits & pieces of veg and/or meats & broth that needs to be used up. I could go on & on but this should get you started. Have fun!

      1. Short ribs:

        (1) Italian, a la Mario Batali: - just don't expect the sauce to look pretty when it's done! (tasty, but not pretty). I skip the gremolata and serve over polenta.

        (2) Southwestern, sort of:

        1. -Stuffed chicken breasts - saute onions, mushrooms, pea shoots, with olive oil, a little butter, and parsley and marsala. pound chicken breast. cook lentils and mash with an egg and some miso. fill breasts with veggies, and roll up. coat in lentil miso paste. bake. serve over buckwheat pasta or wild rice.

          -lentil curry - with garlic, coriander, ginger, etc. something like this except i'd toast the spices first and possibly double them. i might sub something heartier for the spinach, like mushrooms or green beans

          -veal roast - grind coriander with salt and pepper. trim veal breast fat, then coat in the coriander seed mix. slice onion with celery and salt. toss with oil and line a baking sheet. lay the veal flat side up on the veggies. cover and roast at 350 for a few hours. uncover and finish for about another hour. remove to a plate; put juices over heat, and thicken with a little cornstarch/water. serve with sauce.