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Jul 2, 2010 08:04 PM

seaside dining

I have been ordered to take myself out to dinner. Apparently I don't do enough nice things for myself. I'm thinking seafood and I'm thinking, to make it a real treat, some place where I can sit on the water. I would love a place that's got more than the usual classic boiled/broiled seafood side of fries fare. Perhaps a place like Lure but on the water, Brooklyn or Long Island maybe. Accessible by public transportation (MTA/LIRR/ some sort of ferry if need be) Suggestions? (I've heard about the Nautical Mile in Freeport might be good. Many restaurants but all seem in that boil/broil/fries realm. Please alert me if I'm wrong)

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  1. Pier 95 right next to the Nautical Mile might do it for you, everything I've had there is perfect (never noticed anything fried).

    1. there's not one place on the nautical mile i would recommend which is a shame since it's great area. someone with some smarts and a good chef could make a killing there. it's been a while so maybe something good has opened.

      1. i would head to nautical mile, some good fish places & lil pubs/bars. plus its fun to walk around on a nice day - there are ice cream shops & mini golf.

        otherwise theres always long beach

        1. My wife and I went to the Nautical Mile a number of years ago. We had recommendations to guide us and drove up and down trying to find the "best". Granted, location is no reliable indicator but with only word of mouth to guide us we made our decision. Not terrible, but not recommendable either and I rather sense that this is just a street with a lot of fishing boats near. We never returned and don't regret that decision. I know the request was for "recommendations" and this is not; just take it as a negative comment for the Nautical Mile.

          1. The best places for a water view are in Westchester, IMHO. Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry, and Harvest in Hastings. (Same mamnagement) These are a few steps from the Metro North RR Station in both towns. Food is very good, and the view, well, at HM you are practically IN the water, rather than on it. Harvest has a beautiful garden in a rustic-style modern farmhouse building. HM is priced a bit lower than Harvest, but the food at both places is very good, lots of innovative seafood choices. (My fave is the "angry calamari" salad at HM!


            Half Moon
            1 High Street, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522