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Jul 2, 2010 07:23 PM

Need Answer from someone familiar with All-Clad Fry Pan

I'm looking at All-Clad fry (actually it's a saute pan) pan Amazon is selling a 12 inch All-Clad stainless for $90 with lid (1st Link). As I'm still looking over the products I find another 12 inch All-Clad stainless (2nd link) for $115 which completely confuses me. They sell the lid itself for $50.

So basically the 1st link you get the same pan $25 cheaper with a $50 cover. Doesn't make sense to me. I start to think the 1st link is some cheaper version but as far as I can tell these pans are both from the Stainless line of All-Clad. The amazon product description is brief and not helpful. I'm not an expert on All-Clad so can someone look at the pans and tell me if they're the same quality.

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  1. There aren't that many versions of stainless steel clad All Clad.

    They are of the same quality. If you look closely the first pan is currently sold at 50% off, and the second pan is sold at $18%. That is why the first pan is cheaper now.

    1. One has a longer Amazon review is the only difference I see, aside form the lid and price.

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      1. Before you buy from the Amazon/other link sites, check out the following place which specializes in All Clad irregulars. And their idea of an irregular is a scratch which, in one or two cooking sessions, you'd never see anyway.

        1. I don't have an answer for you, but All-Clad does sometimes make cookware to different standards. For example, their french skillets are noticeably thinner than the regular versions. Did you see the first review on the Amazon product page? The poster noted that the pan is measurably lighter than his other All-Clad 12" that is a few years older.

          Also, I don't recall seeing All-Clad offering a covered skillet before, but it's interesting that a few retailers (Sur La Table, MetroKitchen, ABT, ChefsCatalog) are all selling this pan at a big discount. As far as I can make out, though, it was never for sale anywhere at the advertised "retail" price. It makes me think that this is a special promotional piece or a one-off -- not that that necessarily means it is of a lower quality, though.

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            We have a version of this pan (received it as a gift last year). Ours is the one that comes with the lid, which I think was around $90 at the store where it was purchased (none of these, some place in Philly whose name I can't remember....) It is slightly lighter weight than our 8" All-Clad french skillet from Williams-Sonoma, so I assume that's a thinner gauge steel or something. For whatever it's worth, we like it, and the lid is handy!

            1. re: artemis78

              I have the 12" with lid as well. I believe it is the exact same pan as the current 12" without lid.

              Over the years I believe they managed to produce thinner pants so if you compare old versus new, yes some new pots are lighter.

              Also, All clad has the tendency to produce these packages limited time as sort of a promotion. I.e. The french skillets were sold in pairs with large discounts over the individual pieces.

              If you check next year, you will see this deal gone.

              There is no 8" frensh skillet by the way. It"s 7.5 Or 9. My 9" french is 1kg, the 12" fry is 1.2kg.

              1. re: jk1002

                Yes, you're right---just measured out of curiosity, and our french skillet is indeed 9.5"! (It may well have been a W-S exclusive size, though, since they seem to do a lot of that with the All-Clad line.)

          2. Just for future reference some all-clad stainless (like the large multipurpose stockpot and the lasagna pan) is made in China. The boxes are typically red/black instead of the all-white boxes that the made in USA stuff comes from. Check to see where it is made. However, that's probably not the case with your example. Its likely that the different stores just have different sales. I know the 12" fry pan has been on sale a lot lately all over the internet (cooking dot com, for one). Just be aware that it is rather large in diameter and doesn't have a helper handle. If the fry pan is full and you're trying to transfer it to the oven, it gets super unwieldy, really fast.
            It is more expensive (& more versatile in my opinion) but I'd recommend the 4 qt saute pan w/lid (it has a helper handle)