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Jul 2, 2010 07:11 PM

Fancy cake - Fairfield County...

I'm looking for suggestions for a really awesome bakery in Ffld Cty area. I'm planning my husband's 50th and want to have a really cool 80's theme cake done. Not only do I want it to look good but it has to be DELICIOUS. We are big cake fans. Help please!

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  1. A few years ago we used Cake Boutique in Wilton (on Route 7) to make a fabulous 70th birthday cake for my father-in-law. We were pleased with both the aesthetics AND the taste and all of our guests raved about both. They do great work and were easy to deal with.

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      Sweet Lisa's in Greenwich............ The best , but not cheap.

    2. Add Good Goods to the mix in Darien as well as SONO Bake Shoppe in SONO. There is a similar thread currently discussingthe same topic that may give you some other pointers.

      1. I use The Cake Boutique in Wilton. We love their cakes. They have all been so fabulous and really delicious. They're a bit pricey but worth every penny and they are always really nice to deal with too.