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Jul 2, 2010 06:41 PM

Paris in the 5th for a week with 7 and 10 year old

My family is headed to Paris for a week at the end of July. We rented a flat with a full kitchen in the 5th, right down the street from the Sorbonne (I believe it's across the street from Brasserie Balzar). I'm wondering if anyone knows the good markets/purveyors in that area since I'd like to cook many of our meals. And any suggestions for family friendly restaurants would be greatly appreciated. They don't need to be in the neighborhood. We'd like to have a couple of meals out. I've heard Les Papilles is excellent, as well as Les Cocottes. Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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  1. Les Papilles is excellent, les Cocottes is not in the neighborhood.

    The Maubert market is the short answer to your query. It's the oldest farmer's market in town, on wednesday and saturdays on place Maubert. It's in front of the best cheese shop in town (Dubois) and next to one of the greatest bakers (Kayser, rue Monge, you'll spot them from the line in front of it). Heading west, you'll also find amazing ham and duck products at Oteiza on bd Saint Michel, Truly exceptional chocolates at Patrick Roger on bd Saint Germain, all kinds of baked and pastry wonders at Gérard Mulot rue de Seine, next to the Marché Saint Germain, which has good stuff and is open tue-sun morning (this is where you'll find good fish). You'll also get great wines 7 days a week at La Dernière Goutte, tastings on sundays.

    And going South, Bon on rue Saint Jacques is a great pastry shop. The market on rue Mouffetard is fun, though there's not much to write home about food wide anymore. At the other end of rue Monge, la Boulangerie de Monge still has exciting viennese pastries they call escargots and that come in different flavors: chocolate, lemon, cinnamon, raisins... (The original baker left though, he's now has a namesake shop in Alésia, Dominique Saibron)

    Going north, there's a great bakery on rue des deux Ponts on Ile Saint Louis, and quite a few cheese shops and butchers.

    I should add that the Monoprix and other nice supermarkets should be your basis and have a lot of very decent stuff.

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      As usual, agree with all of Soup's recs.
      I highly recommend the Maubert and also the Monge markets.
      Place Maubert, Tues.,Thurs., Sat., morning
      Place Monge, Wed., Fri., Sun morning

      I like very much Les Papilles for its food, wines, atmosphere, price, esp wines, but want to add the reminder that the atmosphere is somewhat adult-oriented probably because the bistro is wine-oriented.

    2. I recommend the Gardens at the Luxenbourg Palace just South of your apartment. There are neat playground stuff, ponies to ride, ball courts and sailboats to rent. A picnic tfrom Maubert Market and Monoprix stuff would be lots of fun for all.

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        I would second this, and add that Eric Kayser's bakery sells good sandwiches for picnics (and Pierre Herme on Rue Bonaparte sells great pastries and ice cream too).

      2. The kids might enjoy the Poulet Roti/Frites at Balzar; cost is about 16 Euros. Just don't order the dish in the off hours.