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Jul 2, 2010 06:30 PM

Baby back ribs, but dont have a smoker

I had a crave for BBR for this weekend and went out to buy a rack of ribs. By the time I got home, I remember that the proper way to cook it is to use a smoker. Slight problem, I don't have a smoker, just regular BBQ grills. Any suggestion on how to cook this up?

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  1. I've been told my ribs are some of the best my friends and family have ever had.
    1st. cover ribs with your favorite dry rub (store bought is fine)
    2nd boil for 20 minutes in enough chicken stock and beer (I use apricot ale) to cover
    3rd remove from liquid and cover again with same dry rub
    4th reduce the liquid over medium heat til half remains then add this liquid to your favorite barbecue sauce
    5th soak wood chips (most grocery stores carry these) and sprinkle over hot coals
    6th use indirect heat on your grill (push coals to one side) and place ribs on the other side. cover and cook for about 1 hour periodically shuffling the ribs)
    remove cover and spread coals out .baste ribs with sauce and grill over direct heat. repeat basting and flipping ribs til carmelized about 20 more minutes. enjoy

    1. Yes! I am the senior food editor at and just posted a piece on how to turn your wok or grill into a smoker. Check it out, here

      There is also a recipe for baby back ribs, here

      Have fun with it!

      1. I just bought some today...I was going to try baking them.

        1. Doing ribs without a smoker is easy and they taste good too. Don't bother to boil or precook your ribs at all. If you have a Weber type charcoal grill, build an indirect fire and and put soaked wood chips on the coals. Smoke the meat (which has been seasoned with your favorite dry rub or just salt and pepper) for a couple of hours. This won't cook the ribs, just get the smoke on them. Then take the ribs and wrap them in heavy-duty foil and cook them in the oven at 250 for a couple more hours or until they are tender. This method is how they did them on an episode of America's Test Kitchen. I'll get in trouble for this from some people, but I don't understand why anyone would wish to boil ribs in liquid and dilute the flavor. If the reason for doing so is to get tender ribs, you can get tender ribs from a braise in the foil in their own juices. If you think you need extra moisture in the foil, add a few slices of onions. It will add moisture and flavor too without leaching out flavor into a vat of liquid.

          1. This site tells you exactly how to use your Weber to smoke your baby back ribs:


            There is a link embedded in the text that goes to a page describing how to set up your gas grill, so look for that.

            Otherwise, here's my standard for making ribs without a smoker:

            - apply dry rub and chill for 24 hours
            - put ribs in roasting pan and cover with foil
            - bake in oven at 225 for about 4 - 6 hours
            - brush with your favorite bbq sauce and finish on the grill

            They aren't smoked and aren't not "real" bbq, but they are loved by everyone who's had them.