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Jul 2, 2010 05:52 PM

Thoughts on Lonsome Dove Bistro?

I saw this place on the Food Network awhile ago and their menu really intrigues me. I know the chef won on Iron Chef. He used to have a restaurant in NYC but it closed down. But that tomahawk chop sure does sound amazing. What are everyone's feelings on Lonesome Dove? Would you consider it a must try for a first time visitor to Dallas or is it not worth it?

Iron Chefs
3811 Pavillion Ct, Mesquite, TX 75150

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  1. I haven't eaten at Lonesome Dove, but do a search here and/or google for multiple recs, seemingly all positive with the occasional negative thrown in. Based on them, don't think you could go wrong with Lonesome Dove as a choice.

    Off topic to food - It is in Fort Worth's Stockyard area - which you'd want to allow time for a walk-around where it's easy to spend an hour or 2 - cattle drive twice daily, shops with various trinkets upward to more serious "cowboy" offerings, a few places to wet-your-whistle and if there in the evening, a bit of boot-scootin' at the White Elephant Saloon or the much larger Billy Bob's Texas.

    1. Lonesome Dove rocks. Chef Love brings a flavor and selection of game that simply isn't found in many restaurants in the area, certainly not Dallas. Bonnell's serves these imaginitive dishes and should be considered as well. Another Tarrant county treasure (mixed grill can;t be beat), and a bountiful infusion of protein).

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        Fort Worth is about 30 miles from Dallas depending on what part of the metroplex you are in. I like Lonesome Dove, Reata, and Bonnell's. All three will cost you around $40 or more depending on what you get. The Stockyards area is interesting if you have not been in the American west much. The owner of Lonesome Dove also owns a burger place in the Stockyards called the Love Shack. There are threads about it on this board also. Downtown Fort Worth is fairly close to the Stockyards and is a fun place to walk around. Texas de Brazil is a good Brazilian style steakhouse with an amazing salad bar in downtown. Reata is located downtown too.

        Bigray in Ok

      2. I am a big fan of Lonesove Dove. Rarely get over there, but it is really good.

        1. Oh, yeah, Lonesome Dove is so worth a visit; it's a great place for any "foodie" to dine when in Fort Worth. We've been to Love Shack, Lonesome Dove, and So 7, and Chef Tim Love truly is worthy of the hype. His interpretation of classic food with a Texas twist at Lonesome Dove is fantastic and the attention to detail on the burgers at Love Shack and So 7 makes them a thing of beauty.

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            Yeah I have a bit of a conundrum as I will be coming to Dallas for only 5 days. Trying to build my dining itinerary to get the best experience possible. Right now I have the French Room, Abacus, Fearing's, Lawry's, and Stephan Pyles planned. Lonesome Dove is a definite possibility though.

            Others that are under consideration include Hibiscus, Nick and Sam's, Al Biernat's. However, I do not think we will include another steakhouse as we have the best here in NYC and I will be eating beef at a lot of the restaurants as is.

            Stephan Pyles
            1807 Ross Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75201

            Al Biernats
            4217 Oak Lawn, Dallas, TX 75219

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              I would have to kill Lawry's it's okay but not in the same class as the other restaurants you noted.

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                French Room, Abacus, Fearing's,and S Pyles are all excellent choices. Nick and Sam's is so way over the top greatness compared to Lawry's.

            2. Had lunch there yesterday - very good. I've just moved to Dallas area in past week, but have been here on business at least once/month over past 3 years and have been to a number of the other places mentioned below.

              Check it out, you won't be disappointed, very very good.

              Lunch menu is somewhat limited, but food was great. I can;t wait to get back for dinner.