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Jul 2, 2010 04:48 PM

Columbus, OH -- Cafe Kabul

I drove past Cafe Kabul today. It is in a former Dairy Queen at 2831 Olentangy River near OSU. Has anyone been? It is an Afghan restaurant.

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  1. I plan on going there this weekend. I've heard they have very good food. I kind of know some of the people that work there. If you go let me know how you like it

    1. My husband and i have been twice. We liked the food - not a lot of selection but the kebabs were good and he had a daily special that was chicken and rice with the chicken braised with raisins and spices. It was wonderful! Not much atmosphere, more like fast food, but we thought it was good.

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        I went a couple of days ago. As said above, not a lot of choice, but the kebobs were good. I'll go back.