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Jul 2, 2010 04:46 PM

seaside dining

I have been ordered to take myself out to dinner. Apparently I don't do enough nice things for myself. I'm thinking seafood and I'm thinking, to make it a real treat, some place where I can sit on the water. I would love a place that's got more than the usual classic boiled/broiled seafood side of fries fare. Perhaps a place like Lure but on the water, Brooklyn or Long Island maybe. Accessible by public transportation (MTA/LIRR/ some sort of ferry if need be) Suggestions? (I've heard about the Nautical Mile in Freeport might be good. Many restaurants but all seem in that boil/broil/fries realm. Please alert me if I'm wrong)

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  1. I know of nothing that fits this description in Manhattan, but there are restaurants on City Island that might suit you (I've only been out there once, so I'm not a good source of information). And for non-Manhattan recommendations, you need to venture to non-Manhattan boards.

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      How close does public transit have to be? A big problem is that virtually no subways have stops next to the water. However, satisfying your other requirements would be the Water Club, on the east side around 30th street (just east of NYU med center) On a riverboat. Have not been but seems to be a unique experience and does have upscale dining as requested.

      The Water Club
      500 E 30th Street, New York, NY 10016

    2. frying pan (boat on the water) has a few seafood dishes and fries. EDIT: Sorry I did not see that you wanted a nicer place. At South ST Seaport there are a few finer dining places with nice views of the water but you won't be sitting on the water. I also remember just getting drinks and not trying much of the food. so I can't really recommend anything sorry, i wasn't more helpful.
      i hope this is useful

      1. take the B or the Q train (B is faster) to the Brighton Beach stop. A 5 minute walk wilol take you down to the beach and the boardwalk- right on the boardwalk- facing the ocean, are a bunch of places- My favorite is Tatiana- a sprawling place filled with Russians- the food is okay, nothing great- but on a sunny summer day (during the week is best- less crowded) in about a hour (depending on where you're coming from) it's hard to beat.
        If you go out to Bright, don't miss the array of Russian food stores on Brighton Beach Ave- particularly the biggest of them all - I think it's called International Foods- with a vast array of Russian specialties and a huge selection of prepared food.