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Substitue for heavy cream in icecream recipe.

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I've looked around for the answer to that question and I found some things that could work, but I'm worried that maybe the subs I've found online won't work when applied to an icecream recipe.
I need 2 cups of heavy cream and I only have almost one. I've been to kroger every single day this week and I am tired of it.

This is the most promising thing I've found on the internet for a sub.
# 3/4 cup milk
# 1/3 cup butter
Melt and mix basically.
Yields 1 cup of heavy cream substitute.

Will that work or do you have any other ideas?
Or should I just get off my butt and drive to kroger?

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  1. Why not just make half as much ice cream? Or you could use half cream and half whole milk and it would just not be as rich.

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      I could do that. I've only ever made ice cream once before and I had all of the ingredients that I needed and so I wasn't really sure what purpose the heavy cream served in how the ice cream would turn out. That would work just fine, thanks. :)

      1. re: dulion

        I agree, I think just using milk for the rest of the recipe would be fine. I am not sure of how that substitution would work out in the process. But I do know that using half cream and half milk does make excellent Ice cream.

    2. At Kroger's look for a product called Half and Half....Or as stated just finish out the needed amount with whole milk.........