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Jul 2, 2010 02:41 PM

Restaurant delivery to Children's Hospital in Birmingham?

I hope some of you wonderful B'Ham hounds can give me some ideas. My 18y/o niece is in Children's Hospital for a "tune-up." She has Cystic Fibrosis, so it's pretty routine, but she has lost quite a bit of weight lately, which is dangerous for her, and needs to put it back on. Luckily, some of her meds give her a voracious appetite, so that's not a problem. But, because of new rules, she's now confined to her room, and they have a new cafeteria delivery computer system that is having some hiccups, plus her insurance company will only pay for 3 cafeteria meals a day. My sister, her mom, is there with her, and is able to go to the cafeteria or to stores and restaurants to bring food to her, but they're having a pretty tough time financially right now. My parents and I have tried to get them to let us send them some money, but they just won't take it. Soooo, I was thinking I could maybe have some food delivered to them there? It'll be a sort of ambush, because if I ask them about it, my sister will just say "No, thanks, we're fine." I'm hundreds of miles away, and know nothing of Birmingham. Any suggestions for good delivery ideas? They can use the microwave in the Nurses' Station, but I'm not sure how easy they can access a refrigerator, so I guess the best thing would be to just use a CC and order some individual meals from restaurants? They'll be there another week at least. Has anyone ever done anything like this from far away? Can I arrange to pay the driver's tip with my card as well, so my sister won't have to even open her wallet? What are some nearby restaurants that I should consider? Thanks so much for reading, and for any ideas at all!

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  1. I work in a UAB building next to the Children's Hospital, and I couldn't come up with anywhere nearby that delivers. I did a search that came up with a few pizza places (Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Hungry Howie's). One of my friends suggested Roly Poly (it looks like they DO deliver) and Newk's (I think they only have to-go, but they'd be a great choice if they deliver).

    Other restaurants near the hospital you might want to try calling: Tzatziki's, Moe's Southwest, McAllister's, Sitar, Lucy's (coffee shop with great paninis). Also, Jim & Nick's BBQ and Full Moon BBQ (but it appears they only deliver catering).

    I'm wondering if there aren't restaurants outside of downtown who are more likely to deliver? Hopefully someone else will chime in with some more promising suggestions. Urbanspoon has a list of places that "deliver," though I am skeptical about some of them:
    Good luck!

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      Cosmos delivers and takes ccs but you usually have to sign upon delivery

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        Oh, thanks so much! I'm going to be checking out these websites and making calls today to try to work something out. Thank you again, this is a great starting point!

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          Hi! Were you able to find some places to deliver to Children's? I am in the same dilemma & would appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks!!!

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          Roly Poly DOES deliver to Children's
          Tazikis does not, will deliver from catering menu for 15 orders +
          Newk's does not, will deliver if you order for 8 +
          Lucys does not deliver
          That is all I had time to call, but perhaps this will be helpful to someone one day.

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            Thanks for the research, Pinxy.

            1. re: pinxy

              Razzleberries delivers to the VA, so I am sure they deliver to Children's. The owner of that place told me orders of 5 or more get an order free... and they have free delivery. I love supporting our local independent businesses, and this is a great one!

          2. You are a good uncle, BD.