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Jul 2, 2010 01:38 PM

Favorite Sonic Drinks?

I love the limeades but I know there are millions of other flavor combos out there. What's yours?

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  1. I like the strawberry limeade, and on occasion I'll get a Sprite with a shot of watermelon flavor.

    1. I just learned this one: regular lime-aid with half the normal amount of sweetener and an extra lime wedge. I find that this pairs well with a hot day and a convertable.

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      1. re: jdoyle2254

        you can request half the sweetener?!! I just assumed it was built in.

        1. re: Becca Porter

          Turns out that they make it with seperate soda water and simple syrup from the fountian combined with pressed lime and which-ever flavor you choose, therefore; they can shift around the ratios a bit.
          One of my friends (who previously worked there) gave me that tip.

      2. Before I quit sugar, I was fond of Coke with double vanilla. I was getting that long before Coke came out with their vanilla variety, and it's sooooo much better.

        1. Diet Cherry limeade is my usual go-to.... but I've often wondered what the regular cherry limeade would taste like if "spiked" with vodka.

          1. Best ever is either banana cream pie or chocolate cream pie shake.

            If you're counting shakes as drinks