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Favorite Sonic Drinks?

I love the limeades but I know there are millions of other flavor combos out there. What's yours?

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  1. I like the strawberry limeade, and on occasion I'll get a Sprite with a shot of watermelon flavor.

    1. I just learned this one: regular lime-aid with half the normal amount of sweetener and an extra lime wedge. I find that this pairs well with a hot day and a convertable.

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        you can request half the sweetener?!! I just assumed it was built in.

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          Turns out that they make it with seperate soda water and simple syrup from the fountian combined with pressed lime and which-ever flavor you choose, therefore; they can shift around the ratios a bit.
          One of my friends (who previously worked there) gave me that tip.

      2. Before I quit sugar, I was fond of Coke with double vanilla. I was getting that long before Coke came out with their vanilla variety, and it's sooooo much better.

        1. Diet Cherry limeade is my usual go-to.... but I've often wondered what the regular cherry limeade would taste like if "spiked" with vodka.

          1. Best ever is either banana cream pie or chocolate cream pie shake.

            If you're counting shakes as drinks


            1. I second the strawberry limeade, also like ocean water.

                1. cherry vanilla dr pepper

                  1. now I do cherry coke but before Sonic stopped serving mello yellow they did what was called a sonic cooler....mello yellow, pineapple, and cherry...I used to love thise things bake when my husband and I were dating. Our local sonic also used to do the BEST biscuits and gravy....sigh

                    1. lemon-berry slush, hands down. get the rte. 44 size before 11 am and it is 99 cents.

                      happy hour it is only a bit more.

                      1. Cherry limeade, hands down. I've yet to try the cream pie shakes, but am curious as to what makes them cream pie like...

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                          hey, the hands were already down!

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                            ;) Fine, fine. I owe you a limeade, then!

                        2. Their cherry limeade chiller - where they blend the cherry limeade with vanilla ice cream. Had it on a trip to VA (no Sonics in my area - which is probably a good thing!) and I'm still having daydreams about it!

                          1. Sonic Sweet Tea with Peach Syrup will have you recalling delicious Deep South Tea in no time. Popeye's should be ashamed of their new Cane Sugar tea. Wretched.
                            The Cream Pie Milkshakes are everything that is great about Sonic. And America.

                            1. I went to Sonic for the first time this weekend. I got the diet cherry limeade expecting to love it. I just don't get it. It was very artificial tasting; I'm truly puzzled by all the love for it. I traded it for a regular plain limeade which was an improvement, but still less than I was expecting.

                              The footlong chili dog was less than average.

                              Ice creams have great promise. I decided to go for a coconut cream pie shake. LOVED the ice cream but won't get coconut flavor again. My friend got a "blizzard" with m&ms. Next time, if there is one, I'll get a hamburger with everything and either a chocolate cream pie shake or a "blizzard" with Reese's.

                              Their onion rings and tater tots weren't great, but they were good - better than average.

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                                hellooooooo, it is DIET! you gotta get the real deal, not the diet stuff. i stand by the lemon-strawberry slush.

                                ps, where did you find a sonic around d.c.? i miss it from when i am near one in florida.

                                plus, i used to get their jalapeƱo poppers for a mid-morning snack. maybe easy gratification, but...yeah..i'll take it.

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                                  We went to one in Bridgeville, DE, on our way to the beach. My friend I was with is CRAZY about Sonic. He's from OK, where they started (who knew). He wanted to get these cheese tots they have but they weren't on the menu in this particular place. Also they had indoor seating there, which pleased me greatly as I hate eating in the car.

                                  I'd had a Z-Burger the day before, so I was feeling a bit burgered out --- hence the foot-long. The burger seems a better option.

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                                    in florida -- at jeast the one that i know -- there is only outdoor seating or one's car in a "service bay" (where servers come to you on roller skates).

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                                      Yes, he said all the ones he's been to are like that. He was very surprised, and not nearly as happy as I was, to learn that Bridgeville had indoor seating. They also have the "service bay" outdoor thing there.

                              2. cherry limeade
                                Ocean Water
                                Orange chiller -- hello, dreamsicle!

                                1. I call it - TROPICAL TAFFY: strawberry, mango, peach and banana taffy. Slush, cream slush or even just with sprite is more than amazing!

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                                    Ok - I have to try this! So you ask for all those slush flavors, then ask them to blend it with ice cream & Sprite?

                                  2. Barq's (which the locals call 'root beer') with added raspberry flavor.