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Jul 2, 2010 12:24 PM

Need inspiration: What are your favorite dips to serve with veggies?

I'm signed up to bring a veggie platter to our Fourth of July potluck. Typically I would just buy a ready made hummus or sour cream & onion dip or something to go with it, but I feel a little inspired to actually make my own dip this year. What are your favorite dips to serve with veggies? I have some cilantro and spring onions from my CSA box that I need to use up, so I thought it might be fun to try to incorporate one of those ingredients, but its not a necessity as I can always find something else to do with them.

Thanks in advance for your inspiring suggestions! :)

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  1. You could do a caramelized onion dip or make a cilantro pesto. There is also:

    Mint & Pea Puree
    Regular Pesto
    Green Goddess Dip
    Peperonata (pureed)
    Buttermilk Ranch
    Balsamic Mayonaise
    French Dressing
    Artichoke Puree

    It depends whether you are going to have the food on ice or not too.

    1. We all love dill dip. So much better than Ranch in my opinion.

      1. Make 3 or 4 dips and place in ramekins in the center of the platter. If there will be picky children there, Ranch dressing is a good option for one dip.

        BTW, I heard a neat idea on the Dr. Oz show, for getting little kids to eat unfamiliar raw vegetables, which was to use their favorite baby food (in that case pureed sweet potatoes) as a dip, because the positive connotations boost the acceptability of the vegetables.

        1. Or a bagna cauda, parmesan/pesto, black peppercorm, artichoke/asiago, Mexican-style cilantro-sour cream-green onion with a little salsa and lime, guacamole, - although I'd definitely agree if there are lots of little children around, a good buttermilk ranch dip - or go all retro and do an onion soup dip.

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            The Mexican style cilantro-sour cream-green onion concoction sounds awesome. Do you have any suggestions as to the proportions of the ingredients? I always seem to mess that up when I try to wing it without a recipe. Not that good of a cook yet :)

          2. I love knorrs spinach dip in a bread bowl