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Jul 2, 2010 12:23 PM

Restaurants in Beit Hakerem area

I am a foodie going to visit my sister in Camon, which is in the Karmiel area, in Beit Hakerem, and I'd like some restaurant recommendations. Also, anyone have any thoughts about things that are must do's such as winery tours, etc.?? Thank you!

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  1. Karmiel??!! Boy, you've really chosen a "stump the experts" question with that one. Doubt you'll get many replies.

    Ein Camoonim is a well known goat dairy off the 85 near Karmiel that serves simple, cheese-based meals, except the last time I was there I didn't like it - quality had seriously slipped, probably the result of cost-cutting.

    A real "chowhound" experience is another remote dairy called Chalav im ha Ruach ("Milk with the wind" - a play on words of "Chalaf im ha Ruach", which means "Gone with the Wind"). I'm not sure how near Karmiel it is (my northern geography is a bit weak), it is close to Hararit. It is a primitive settlement without electricity run by a couple and their volunteers. They studied cheesemaking in Sardinia and now make ricotta, pecorino, and other cheeses from goat's milk. The woman is also a gourmet cook who will prepare a first rate meal (including meat) for guests who call ahead, to be eaten in their extensive garden. Unfortunately, I no longer have her cell phone number, but if you or your sister do a google search in Hebrew you'll probably find them.

    To show the conditions they live in, we were there one winter's day, and she served us a red wine that was ice cold. I innocently asked why they chilled the wine, instead of serving it at room temperature, to which she replied that that was room temperature.

    In Karmiel you're near the spa "Mitzpe ha Yamim", which has a pricey restaurant nearby called "Muscat". Good food. You're also near Tzfat, a town I'm not familiar with, and also the Arab town of Jish in Gush Halav, which has a good selection of Arabic restaurants. I'm travelling now and not near my sources, so I can't be more specific.

    Years and years ago we found a moshav on the mountain above Karmiel that provides a kind of Japanese "experience", which had a very good and surprisingly authentic Japanese restaurant. Again, I don't have the telephone number or even the name of the place, but a google search should turn it up.

    In the Arab town of Kfar Rama not far from you there is a restaurant called Etzba that specializes in authentic village cooking, using wild greens and herbs. Well known and recommended.

    Then of course you have the entire Galilee surrounding Karmiel, with a wealth of places (good eats in Tarschica and Nazareth), but I don't know how far afield you want to go.

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      Here's a link for the chalav im ha ruach goat farm:

      It's in Hebrew, but non-speakers will still see the phone number there. Highly recommended for an enjoyable and unusual experience.

      Here's a link to what I assume was the Japanese place we were at:

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        The 'Goats with the Wind' (חלב עם הרוח) website is also in English here:

        I found a great review of their farm also here:


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            So now that Karmiel is covered, where else is there to eat in the surrounding area? I don't think we mind driving a bit to find an outstanding restaurant. Also, can you suggest things for a foodie to do?? I'll be in Israel for a week.