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Jul 2, 2010 11:58 AM

slicing and shredding: mini-processor or kitchenaid mixer attachment?

I am in the market for something that shreds and slices. I have a Kitchenaid stand mixer and use the grinder attachment regularly. So I am leaning toward the slicer/shredder attachment but would like to hear from people who have used the device before buying, in case a mini-processor is the way to go.



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  1. We love the Slicer shredder. Use it lots for hash browns, pommes Anna, pickles and grated
    cheese for Pizza. It is quiet and doesn't scare you.
    Good Luck

    1. As Thanksgiving approaches for those of us in the US it reminds me that I"m the official turkey dressing celery slicer. With a knife, this is a multi day project for me (I'm slow), with a mandolin it's a little faster, we bought the attachment you refer to for the kitchenaid and that's much faster but it doesn't work all that well on celery, we now have a mid-sized food processor and this has worked out much better for me for the past several years. It also keeps me from tying up the mixer to do non-mixer chores, like slicing the celery.

      1. I only use the KA rotary slicer/shredder (RVSA) for grating cheese - it works very well. Since I grate large quantities of hard cheese, it's worth it to me to have the attatchment for this one function. . I've tried the other slicer blades that came with it and they don't work well. The slices are very uneven and often torn.

        KA also made an attatchment called the DVSA, which used the same discs as the KA food processer, and works extremely well for slicing. Although it's no longer made, I bought mine new from eBay from the KA store. I would try to find one of these if you can. (Try googling "kitchenaid dvsa")

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            I have this one:


        2. Personally, I hate my KA attachment. It sits in a drawer. I always have problems with it attaching and detaching it and when I do use it, I only use it for cheese. I have a mini-food processor attachment that came with my Cuisinart blender--that is my main workhorse.