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Jim and Nick's BBQ............

Jim and Nick's BBQ. Tell me what you think about it. I have a friend passing through and needs some road food. Thanks.

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  1. MMMMMM cheddar biscuits and their hot links with saltines and pimento cheese.

    1. If in Montgomery, I'd recommend it. If in Birmingham, I'd recommend Golden Rule at I-65 Calera exit or Bob Sykes in Bessemer or Miss Myra's in Cahaba Heights.

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        I guess it depends what you get. I find the pulled at J&N's to be some of the best in town (caveat, I don't really like a lot of the places here that finely chop their que) next to Saw's. I thought Miss Myra's pork was weak (and chopped).

        1. re: Dax

          I have not eaten there, but everyone seems to love their pimento cheese. Perhaps he could order that and then go down the road a bit to the Corky's here and get some BBQ Nachos (my fav). My favorite BBQ in town, though? Tops, hands down. He can get off at Sycamore View and experience one of the finest BBQ sandwiches in town. (psst - no slaw & get the spicy sauce!) Also some of the best hamburgers, too.

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          I forgot to mention Full Moon also. I like their jumbo pork sandwich.

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            I would go with the original Golden Rule in irondale (on 78 off I20). Bob Sykes and Miss Myra's also are very good. Or the original Full Moon downtown. Jim and Nick's is indeed a great place for cheese biscuits, but I've eaten at several and always have been disappointed.

          2. Would you substitute Nikki's for Birmingham BBQ for lunch on the road or what about Irondale Cafe. Would you go with Nikki's, Irondale or BHam BBQ.

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              Have any of you tried Big Bolton's bbq in Argo? It's a bit of a drive from B'ham so I haven't made it to check it out yet but I have a buddy who loves it.

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                Ms. Finiky, I was in Springville this morning and drove right past Bolton's. Turned around and picked up a barbecue sandwich to go.

                There was no 'barbecue' smell outside the restaurant - and this was right around noon, when everything should have been going full-blast for the lunch crowd. No great smell, no smoke...there was even what appeared to be an new, shiny electric smoker out in front.

                I think it was an electric smoker, but I didn't investigate further.

                (if it was, for shame!)

                Barbecue for me = cooked with wood. Usually I'll even drive around the back to view the woodpile but did not this time.

                I will say: they were covered up today at lunch.

                My sandwich was pretty large overall; they were generous with the serving of chopped pork inside. It was nicely sauced...not too much, not too little. But it didn't have a great 'barbecue' taste. I could have possibly gotten something close with my oven at home.

                Maybe things were just off for them today? Pic of the sandwich is attached.

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                  We had the same experience at Boltons.....i.e. pork was tender and moist but lacked smoky flavor.... You missed some great sides and desserts though.

            2. If he's looking for BBQ in Bham my top votes are for Saw's in Homewood and Bob Sykes in Bessemer. But I have to say, I eat at Jim N Nicks more often than both of those because three of its locations are closer to my homes AND both are very good.

              1. Was there the other day. The ribs were good, pulled pork okay. The chicken had a very nice smokey flavor and was the best of the three meats.

                Will be back. Not so much for the food but to look at the hot bartender.

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                  Truly deeply love the "pig in the garden salad" with smoked chicken. They used to serve the chicken in the salad pulled/shredded, and it included both dark and white meat. Lately they seem to have gone to chunks of smoked chicken breast, which I like perhaps two degrees less. The chicken is very moist, tender, and smokey though, so I'm still ordering it.

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                    Jim N Nick's has been setting up at Pepper Place, cooking whole hog and selling portions as a benefit. I've really enjoyed the pulled pork served with McEwan's grits.

                    1. re: Big Daddy

                      Yet another reason we need to hit that place. Hard for me to get up on Saturday mornings.....

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                    Try the smoked turkey with the habanero BBQ sauce sometime when you're up adventure.

                  3. I really think there must be something addictive in those cheddar biscuits. Which are honestly more like a muffin than a biscuit, but who cares?

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                      Honestly, while the cheese biscuits are pretty awesome- I have never eaten anything else at Jim N' Nicks that is worthwhile. The rest of the menu is kinda sub-par. I would go with Miss Myras or even Carlisle's on 6th ave s. I grew up eating there.

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                        Am I the only one that gets smokey, thick pulled pork with nice bits of fat and bark mixed in every time there? It's not Saw's but it's a good bit of 'cue.

                        I thought Miss Myra's chopped 'cue was weak compared to the pulled pork at Jim and Nick's. The chicken was good at MM, but I'm more of a porker for barbecue. I also prefer JaN's 'cue over Carlisle's but their burger is pretty decent.

                        1. re: Dax

                          I've noticed the quality of the pulled pork seems to differ from each location. Homewood, 280, Hoover, and Alabaster all seem to be a bit different on how the meat is handled. So far, Homewood and Alabaster seem to be the most consistant in terms of fat and bark. 280 is a third place for me, and Hoover - I'd rather drive to another location than go back there again.

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                            I've only been to the one in Southside but agree on barbecue restaurant locations and taste. For example, the Lakeview Golden Rule's ribs and chopped pork are kind of weak (multiple visits, although it was better when I asked for pulled rather than chopped) but the one in Oxford was much better on a single visit.

                            Golden Rule
                            50 Oxford Exchange Blvd, Oxford, AL 36203

                          2. re: Dax

                            No, you're not the only one. You have to request it in most places, though, which to me is wierd, since the bark is the best part. Another thing is that when the bark sits awhile (e.g. when it's "steaming" in aluminum foil), it loses its crispness and the effect isn't so great. Learned that from my own smoking experiences. Same sad effect as limp bacon, for me anyway.

                            1. re: curej

                              Totally agree on all points. When I smoke a butt or ribs, the bark is always my favorite and sometimes fellow diners have to pull me away to keep me from hoggin' all the bark. Wow, two puns in one post; sorry folks.

                              1. re: Dax

                                I suppose you could say that the bark is the best bite. Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

                                I must concede that it's a bit of a bitch to get good bark on my butts using my Weber Bullet (aka Smokey Mountain), since the meat slowly steams. Makes marvelously moist meat, but it's a bane for bark.

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                                  Assume you have looked at the virtual bullet website for all of the cool mods and methods to pimp your bullet?

                                  1. re: Dax

                                    Yes, but I've used it more for recipes than mods. "BRITU" is a great rip prep recipe. I haven't actually done any mods to my smoker unless you call sticking a Maverick thermometer probe through a wine cork and into one of the holes at the top a mod... ;)