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Jul 2, 2010 11:34 AM

Waterloo & City - Mar Vista - Dinner Last Night

Of course I had to wait to try this place until the LA Times did a very favorable review...It was slammed when we got there about 6:45 or so. Luckily they have a lot of tables and seem very efficient in getting you seated. I was then fearful that the food was going to take ages to come out. Again they fooled me. Everything came pretty promptly and, despite the overwhelming crowd the bus boy was really on top of things, including keeping all our water glasses topped off.

The food was a bit of a mixed bag, but showed enough promise to get me back again. First up was their take on a Caesar Salad. Pretty arrangement, even if it does harken back a bit to the hey day of towering food. A lattice work fried "place ring" and a nice inclusion of sort of an air dried proscuitto chip, white anchovies and a beautifully poached egg as part of the ingredients. Just that their dressing lacked oomph (for my and my wife's taste buds anyway). So I'd give it a C+ for an overall grade.

I went with their pork shank. Huge. Beautifully cooked, falling off the bone with a nice amount of natural au jus and a type of grits that were cooked to the consistency of mashed potatoes and, as a counterpoint some gorgeous apricots were cooked with the pork shank. I would give this a strong B+

My wife went with their wild mushroom individual pizza. It was okay. I don't think their crust is going to make anyone swoon and the mushrooms and caramelized onions had a nice, but not very strong taste. They had another pizza on the menu with short ribs that would have been my first choice. Overall another C+

Our son had the steak with chimicurri sauce and bordelaise and he also ordered a separate side of sauteed brussels sprouts with bacon. The steak also came with a wonderful assortment of heirloom tomatoes that my wife and I ended up gobbling down as he is not into tomatoes. His loss. Another strong B+

Finally we had one order of truffle fries. Very tasty and would get them again without hesitation. A-

The final tab, with one iced tea, one sprite, one coke, one flying dog - double dog pale ale and another Caesar Salad came to $124 plus tip.

For those of you who don't know this area, it's in that little triangle of land that exists in between Washington Blvd. and Washington Pl. and that used to be the Crest Coffee Shop. The restaurant has a huge free lot with no valet, but it was completely jammed when we got there so I found adjacent street parking without too much trouble.

The last thing was our waitress. She was great. Funny and high energy and really looked out for us. Can't say enough nice things about her.

Waterloo and City
12517 W Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90066

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  1. Great write-up, Sir. Wow - your son ordered brussells sprouts? He must be either an adult or he's got the broad taste buds of the old man...

    That pork shank sounds like something our family could get into - was it pretty much just good porky goodness with the au jus, or was their some other sauce going on as well?

    What kind of steaks do they offer?

    Any comments on their desserts?


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      Way over stuffed to consider dessert so I can't give you any sense of direction there, but someone else had mentioned their sticky toffee type dessert here at one time and that sounded good to me.

      Son's (21 and counting) steak was a hanger type (IIRC) served already sliced.

      My pork shank just had the juice, but it was very, very flavorful (although thin) and had plenty of it (in fact I was sopping it up with the bread). So it kind of crossed into gravy territorial waters.

      1. re: bulavinaka

        Re: Brussels Sprouts.

        Hey! Even when I was a 7 year old kid I LOVED Brussels Sprouts. There are some kids that love them, and some that don't.

      2. I felt a lot like you, Servorg - massive potential - and many, many missed opportunities.


        I really agree with S. Irene about the King's charcuterie. platter --- it is TRULY AMAZING and like nothing else in this city.

        Beer selection is killer too.

        1. I am glad you enjoyed it--W&C has become my new local favorite (it helps that they are open late). The short rib pizza with stilton is very intense (we will skip over the crust issues and just focus on the toppings) though I prefer the lamb pizza with Moroccan spices, particularly as the stilton tends to overwhelm anything that might come after. I also saw an Indian style chicken pizza on the menu when I was there earlier this week. They are currently offering delicious fried zucchini blossoms stuffed with shrimp and served with a dab of piri piri sauce. The Shepherd's Pie, a frequent special, is worth ordering, too, as is the Manchester Quail (quail served on top of chopped liver on toast). Good burger as well, especially with the fries. The pastas are good, and often available in half-portion for an appetizer...there is currently a rabbit one I had wanted to order but the server wisely cautioned me to wait until after I had eaten the short rib and stilton pizza to see whether I still wanted it. I have enjoyed most of the desserts I have tried--the toffee pudding is a standout.

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          1. re: New Trial

            Well, that certainly gives us plenty of things to go back for. And I do want to sample some of the their charcuterie plates. I wonder what would happen if we ordered two of their interesting sounding alcoholic drinks and a king platter and made that our meal? lol

            Thanks for sharing your findings. I appreciate all the suggestions.

            1. re: New Trial

              Went for my birthday last Thursday with Mme Zoe and ChowPup - food was outstanding - the charcuterie plate just enormous and so tasty - just adored the trotter slice, good bread and plenty of cornichons. ChowPup had pizza with spicy lamb and MmeZ had the angelina pasta with something absolutely delicious. Neighbors had the pulled pork which they said was a bit sweet and the pizza with indian spices which they polished off in short order. Drinking a Pimms on a summer night, eating good food with good company - thats the best.

            2. Hi Servorg,

              Great review. :) Thanks for the details and thoughts on each dish. Sounds like a place worth visiting the next time I'm in the neighborhood. And I'm glad that the service was great, despite being slammed.

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              1. re: exilekiss

                I was sort of (grudgingly) preparing myself mentally for a long, slow and aggravating evening of service woes. Man was I ever fooled (and relieved) and impressed with how well they did, despite the place being an absolute zoo. Kudos to their entire staff.

              2. I'm happy to chime in with those who love Waterloo and City. After four visits, I'm very comfortable recommending this place to friends (one time was take-out salad and pizza). The spouse and I think the food is consistently good and reasonably priced. As LA restaurant food (especially in more casual places like this) slides toward ever-stronger flavors (a la Emeril's "bam" and "punched-up" notes in dishes), it's fun to find so many menu items that show flnesse and balance (e.g., the salad dressings). Twice here I've had the rare experience of liking a dish even better as I finished it than I did when I started it.
                We've enjoyed very professional service on each visit and concur that W&C gets an A-.

                Waterloo and City
                12517 W Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90066

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                1. re: comedor

                  Thanks for taking the time to reply. What would be even more useful (much more so) would be if you would talk a bit about the specific dishes you and your spouse have eaten at W&C and what you liked or disliked about them (since you didn't even mention one thing you ate).