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Jul 2, 2010 10:36 AM

BWI to Tappahannock to DCA?

We are flying into BWI on July 7, heading to Tappahannock to visit family, and then going back up to DCA. Looks like we will be taking the 301 to 17 on the way down, and then the 17 to 95 on the way back up.

On Tuesday July 7, (301 to 17), we will be looking for an early dinner. Nothing fancy, as we will have spent most of the day on a plane (and will subsequently be casual), but fantastic seafood or down home Southern cooking would be awesome. We'd also be happy with BBQ, burgers or something similar, but no ethnic.

On Friday July 9, (17 to 95) we want breakfast or lunch. Same requirements for the food.

Any suggestions? I'd love to report back on a fantastic meal at a place I never would have known to stop but for the good hounds in this area, rather than take the generic Cracker Barrell route.

Thanks from a Phoenix hound!

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  1. For the July 7 run, consider turning off of 301 just into Virginia onto Rt. 218 and going down south side of the Potomac. Three restaurants come to mind - Wilkerson's in Colonial Beach, Driftwood in Coles Point, and Good Eats in Kinsale. All are seafood oriented. When you are done eating, you can take Rt. 3 to Warsaw and Rt. 360 to Tappahannock without having to double back.

    1. I was hoping you would get many recommendations. I make that drive sometimes too.

      1. The best laid plans....

        Grandma insisted that she make us dinner the first night. And we'll have to keep this our little secret, but in anticipation of her inadequate portions of sub-par food, we did stop at a Bojangles. It was really good, especially considering it was 3:30 in the afternoon which is a dead-zone for meals. Chicken was nicely spiced and the biscuit was soft and delicious.

        On the way up, we had to get the rental car back and so we didn't have time to stop.

        Nonetheless, thank you for the recommendations.